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The child is going to avoid his mother, no matter how it hurts his son, these 4 “Lei Chi” mothers should not cross half a step.

Seeing that his son grew up day by day, Ms. Zhang often couldn’t help holding him up on his forehead or cheeks, whether he was at home or outside, was still the same.

Regardless of winter and summer, she was holding her son in a quilt every night, and she was drunk aside. The child is 10 years old, and Ms. Zhang’s habits continue to remain.

However, one day after the son took a shower, Ms. Zhang wanted to wipe him as usual. He never wanted his son to hiding in the bathroom and did not come out. He also said that he had grown up and would do these things. My mother feels embarrassed when she sees her buttocks.

Mother Zhang was difficult to accept for a while, and she felt that avoiding suspicion with her son was completely a big topic. After all, he was a piece of meat that fell from himself. Can he still avoid it? Besides, he is still a child.

As a result, Mother Zhang forcibly wiped her son, but her son was unhappy, and she was awkward with her for two or three days. Dad told his mother without losing his time that the child is old and has gender awareness. Some things should be avoided. Mother Zhang listened, and her heart was very bad.

“Do you want to avoid your mother, do you need to avoid your father?” Is it reasonable?

There is no ancient training for men and women. At the same time, a sentence corresponding to the family is the child’s childlike mother, and the female avoids father. From the perspective of psychological growth, you may wish to split this.

From a family perspective, the role of women or mothers is guarded. Most of the mothers in the family are gentle and feminine charm. In the process of children’s growth, its psychological growth is a process of continuous shaping.

Especially after the independent self -awareness begins to come out, the mother’s excessive intervention in the child’s life will cause boys to rely on the mother’s psychological dependence on the psychological level.

For example, many boys have poor self -care and mentality. Especially after entering the boarding middle school, some boys not only cannot adapt to the collective life of the school, but even the individual’s internal affairs will not do well.

There have been such reports. In order to avoid washing socks, a boy took the lead in buying a lot, and threw it away after wearing a pair of dirty pairs.


Furthermore, if the mother excessively intervenes the boy’s growth, it will have a certain impact on the psychology of the children in the future. Many people lack the distinctive personality of resolute decisions when they grow up. They are hesitant because they have been affected by their mother the most since childhood.

In contrast, in the process of growing up, especially in terms of psychological consciousness and self -shaping, it is possible for father to participate.

Men’s status and angle of the family is relative to women, and girls’ psychological psychology is inherently possessed by the mother, so psychologically, you can better approach his father.

Especially during the growth of personality plasticity, his father is often the best reference and benchmark for his daughter. A moderate intervention of children’s psychological growth can make girls’ inner world relatively balanced.

In this way, as her daughter grows up, when she is exposed to other opposite sexes, she can look at the other party from a mature perspective, so as to avoid many unnecessary twists and turns.

Taken together, the process of involving the psychological growth of children should not be strong. It should follow nature and face the child’s growth and various problems in this process with a relatively peaceful attitude.

These 4 “Thunder Ponds”, Mom is better not to get more

For mothers, in the process of boys, they must also avoid unnecessary interference to them.

1. Don’t take a bath together when you grow up

Human gender consciousness is constantly established and strengthened in the process of growth. When the child was a child, the mother was usually helped to take a bath, but when the child gradually grew up, the mother could not take a bath for the child, especially the children could not take a few children.

On the one hand, this will lead to the complex of some boys to form a mother -in -law. On the other hand, it is not conducive to the establishment of a correct gender concept. Even bathing together may induce children’s precocious puberty and affect the child’s psychology.

2. When growing up, you should split the bed

It is also the establishment of gender awareness. After a certain age, boys should sleep with their parents. In addition, sleeping in bed is also a main step of cultivating children’s consciousness.

From the perspective of gender, if the child still sleeps with his mother after a certain age, a certain love mother may have a continuous impact on the psychology in the subconscious.

3. When growing up, the mother should avoid suspicion to take a bath and dress

Once the child has a clear gender consciousness, the mother should avoid the child regardless of the bath or dressing. This can strengthen the gender differences between men and women, so as to cultivate children’s gender concepts.

4. Don’t be too intimate when you grow up

Mother loves her children. This is a common sense, but as the child grows up, some excessive intimate actions can no longer be done. This will interfere with the child’s psychological and growth, which will lead Devices are even deviated. Once an excessive mother -in -law complex is developed, it will affect the children’s future years.

The best relationship between children and parents: the heart must be close, and the body must be “separated”

Educating children is a science. Especially in the process of growing up for more than ten years, how to get along with children healthy can not only maintain a good relationship, but also ensure the healthy growth of children. The knowledge in it is deep. After the child has self -awareness, the parents should look at the child with an equal vision anyway at home. If you treat others or deal with certain things, you may wish to let the child handle themselves and do things for parents.

Only when you look at it can make your child gradually understand that he is an independent individual, not a parent’s subsidiary, which is critical to the self -reliance of children in the future.

In the process of children’s growth, physiological maturity and psychological maturity are insecure. Therefore, parents should learn to avoid timely avoidance, especially physiological avoidance, which can allow children to develop correct gender awareness.

At the same time, the psychological growth and the appropriate intervention level of parents also only play a certain guiding role, and cannot intervene in everything. The love of children in the heart and transform into the right way is the best medicine in the growth process of children.

In short, the process of children’s growth is a process of gradually “getting off milk.” Parents’ love for children should also follow the footsteps of their children’s growth, instead of treating and viewing them in a childhood way and vision.

Only by dealing with the growth of parent -child can you better let the children truly adapt to the life of growing up.

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