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The child is the highest in the class, but the doctor said that she would be short when she grew up …

Lulu, 8 years old, is a third -year elementary school student with a height of more than 1.4 meters. He is the highest in the class. Relatively old -fashioned students who were worried about their children, Lulu’s mother was always at ease. Until one day, she said that her children had changed their clothes over the past year. The classmate reminded her: Will it be a bit too early? Lulu’s mother was a little awake. After careful observation of Lulu: the breasts were slightly bulging, and the armpits and perineum could also see a few stubbles. Is this precocious?

Take it to the hospital and do all the inspections. Lulu is really diagnosed with a central precocious puberty. The bone age has reached more than 11 years old. If you do not interfere, the height may only be 152 cm.

“152 centimeters, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a dwarf.” Lulu mother regretted that she did not pay attention to the child’s development early.

Why does a high child grow short when he grows up?

Parents pay attention to premature child sexuality

Why is the child tall, but when he grows up, he becomes a dwarf?

Liu Li, director of the genetic and endocrinology department of Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center, said that children with precocious puberty will also mature in advance. Like Lulu, her bone age is more than 2 years earlier than the actual age. High, but because of her age, she will cause bones to heal advance and shorten the growth period. Once adolescence passes, the child will not grow too high, because the hormones in the body will be passed to the bone signal, causing the bones to close and stop growing. Therefore, children with central precocious puberty are shorter to adult height.

What kind of situation shows that the child is precocious?

Liu Li introduced that premature sexual premature refers to the second sexual development before the age of 9, such as breast development, early menstrual tide, testicular penis increase, pubic hair beard development and so on.

“Some mothers asked, children changed their teeth early than ordinary children. Is this precocious. No. Sexual precocity requires two conditions: sex ‘and’ early ‘.” Liu Li said.

How should parents find the signs of early maturity in their children?

Director Liu Li suggested that one is that when parents bathe their children, pay attention to observe whether the child’s body has a second sexual character. Parents should also pay attention to the rapid development of early adolescence. In addition, parents should pay attention to their children’s personality changes. Due to physical changes, children may have uneasy emotions.

Premature precocations are also divided into “true and false”

Being careful behind it may be tumor

The development of the second sexual characteristics is generally in order. Girls develop their breasts before they have axillary hair and pubic hair, and finally have menstruation. , Sepapture-Growing a Beard “path.

But not all children follow such a development process. Peripheral precocious puberty, which is what we usually call “pseudo -premature precocations”, is from the increase in the body’s sex hormones caused by external reasons to the level of adolescence. Development procedure.

Director Liu Li said that no matter what kind of second sexual characteristics, as long as they appear before the normal development age, they should go to the doctor in time.

If there is precise precipitation, there is a precocious puberty.

That’s right.

Director Liu Li explained that the human body’s control of the reproductive system develops “hypothalamic-pituitary-pituitary gland axis”. If it is initiated in advance and secretes premature sexual premature sexual gonadotropin release hormones, it is called “centrality “Early maturity”, which is what we usually call “true puberty”.

“The judgment of sexual precocity is relatively easy, but there are many reasons behind sexual precocity. Some central precocious puberty is caused by tumors. Girls smaller than 6 years old and boys of all ages have symptoms of puberty. Nuclear magnetism to eliminate intracranial tumors. “Director Liu Li reminded that once the child has a sign of precocious puberty, he should take the child to the doctor as soon as possible, and do not diagnose himself and delay the condition.

Treatment should be as soon as possible

Don’t ignore psychological intervention

What impact can sexual precocity bring on children? Director Liu Li said that on the one hand, it may affect the ultimate height of the child. On the other hand, it brings a psychological shadow. “There are some children who have a particularly early menstruation and cannot take care of their own menstrual period.”

Improve adulthood height is the core goal of unique central precocious puberty.

Director Liu Li introduced that for children who need to intervene, the only drug that is currently recognized internationally internationally recognized in the international precocious precocious puberty is the only gonadotropin to release hormone analogs GNRHA (such as Liang Binrelin, Topurein, etc.), and Generally requires subcutaneous injection or muscle injection. It is injected every 4 weeks. Generally, it is necessary to treat at least two years.

“The earlier the intervention, the better the effect.” Director Liu Li said that if the child is 12 and a half years old, there is no room for intervention. Therefore, parents should pay close attention to their children’s growth and development.

Psychotherapy and guidance should also be carried out simultaneously. Children with precocious puberty will change their minds due to physical changes. “Girls may become sensitive and lack of confidence, and boys will become particularly aggressive.” Director Liu Li said. Parents and teachers should pay attention to the changes and anxiety of their children, be their psychological counselor, establish a correct understanding of sexual development for their children, and avoid emotions such as inferiority and anxiety. Guidance Predicture Children treat their physical development and interpersonal relationships with a positive and beautiful attitude, and carry out correct sexual education, which not only allows children to learn to respect, understand, accept, and include each other. Children’s discrimination and infringement. At the same time, parents must also help their children to develop good habits. In the diet, avoid hormone -rich foods and some so -called tonic foods, try to reduce high -calorie foods, anti -season fruits and vegetables, etc.; In daily life, children should not turn on night lights during sleep. The child’s contact with the hint of film and television or discourse to create a good and harmonious family atmosphere; strengthen the child’s exercise to avoid overweight or obesity.

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