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The child’s congenital tear sac obstructs the mother to worry about the baby’s sin, the little illness is dragged into a big trouble

Children’s congenital tear sacs need to be dredged. It was originally a small problem, but the mother was worried that the child was suffering, but it became a big trouble. Last Friday, a piece of block was bulging next to the child’s nose. The mother took him to the hospital, but because he missed the best treatment time, he could only use the tube to dredge the tear channel.

The 4 -year -old Chen Chen (pseudonym) was from Yichang. He had tears and shit from childhood. When Chen Chen was 3 months old, Ms. Wu took him to Wuhan Children’s Hospital for treatment. The doctor said that it was necessary to clear it. But when I saw other children crying, she cried in heart when she was washing, and Ms. Wu retreated and hugged her child home.

Time passed day by day, Chen Chen’s eyes were always confused by tears and eyes, and her eyes were always red. Ms. Wu felt that her child was too young, and dragged treatment for treatment. Until last Friday, Chen Chen’s nose was drumming a block. The mother hurriedly took him to the Children’s Hospital. After several rounds of rinse, the tear pest was rushed out, but the tear sac was still unprepared. The success rate reached 99. The %tear sac exploration surgery does not work for Chen Chen. Doctors can only use tube surgery through laburch tract, and see if they can be unobstructed in half a year. Ms. Wu looked at Chen Chen lying on the bed, both distressed and regretted.

The reporter learned at Wuhan Children’s Hospital that there are really a lot of children like Chenchen. Every month, the hospital’s ophthalmology department must be treated with more than 100 children with congenital lacrimes. According to the chief physician of the Department of Ophthalmology of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, the best treatment time for congenital lacrimes is 4 to 6 months when the baby was born.

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