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The choice of baby pillows is particular, parents of these details should pay attention to

After the baby is born, many parents will prepare a small pillow for them, but what many Baoma does not know is that a baby who is under one year old does not need a pillow to sleep, and if you choose an inappropriate pillow or improper use, it will be right. Children’s spine affects.

Xiaobian suggested that parents and friends better use pillows for their children after the age of one, and pay attention to these details when choosing pillows.

Pillow height should be appropriate

The height of the pillow should cater to the curve of the baby’s spine. The height is best not less than 3 cm or 10 cm. At the same time, when the baby is lying on the plane, whether the head and body are on the same straight line; when lying on the side, the eyes of the eyes should be able to form a ninety -degree angle with the bed. This height is the most suitable.

Elastic pillow

Many Baoma’s criteria for choosing a pillow are soft and comfortable, but in fact, the support of this pillow is very weak. The baby will be sunken as soon as it goes on. At this time, the baby will be in danger of suffocation. Some Baoma said that I bought a hard pillow, but the too hard pillow would also damage the baby’s spine. Therefore, it is recommended that Baoma must choose pillows with elasticity and support when choosing a pillow, so as to be the most suitable.

Pillow material should be appropriate

Choose a pillow for the baby to focus on cotton, so that it will not cause damage to the baby’s skin. It is best not to use the pillow filled with grain. At the same time, it must fully consider whether the baby will be allergic.

Don’t buy functional pillows

When buying pillows, many treasure moms tend to be functional pillows, so she hopes that the baby will sleep well. Therefore, you will buy a pillow with correction or shaping effects, but when the baby just starts to learn to turn over, it is easy to have the facial situation. If the baby uses these two types of pillows at this time, it is particularly particularly special. Risk of suffocation is prone to suffocation. Therefore, such pillows must be used with caution.

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