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The correct way to rescue the water fall

In an emergency, the correct method of saving people is to extend the wooden sticks, ropes, etc. to the water dropper, and should lie on the ice to rescue themselves. When the ice surface is broken when rescue others, the ice surface causes themselves to fall into the water.

Rescue drowning people should quickly swim near the drowning person, observe clearly, and rescue from behind it. Or invest in wooden boards, lifeburn, long rods, etc. to let the water drops climb ashore. When a drowning accident was encountered during swimming, the scene was urgent. After rescue the drowning person ashore, first judge the consciousness and life of the drowning person to help remove the oral cavity, nasopharyngeal vomats, and sediment, and strengthen care.保 Includes to take off the dentures and keep the breathing unobstructed. It should be pulled out of its tongue to avoid blocking the respiratory tract. If the drowning person’s breathing and heartbeat have stopped, artificial breathing should be performed immediately. Artificial respiration must be used to use strong when blowing the lungs in the lungs of the drown. In the atrophic lungs, as soon as possible, the suffocation state is improved. Generally, it is best to blow Qi in the mouth.

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者位于伤员一侧,托起伤员下颌,捏住伤员鼻孔,深吸一口气后,往伤员嘴里缓缓吹气,待其胸廓稍有抬起时,放松其鼻孔,并用一手压其胸部以Helping exhalation, repeatedly carried out in a rhythmic manner until it returns to breathing. At the same time, the heart massage of the chest is performed, so that the wounded person is lying on his back, a hard board on the back, the head is low, and the first aid is located on the side of the wounded. Facing the wounded, the right hand is placed on the bottom of the sternum, and the left hand is placed on the back of the right hand. Until the heartbeat is resumed, the emergency should be quickly taken to the hospital for treatment at the same time.

(Intern editor: Liu Xia)

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