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The Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Rheumatology and Immunology, the Guangzhou General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region: “Frozen” people are prone to “old cold legs” women need to be vigilant in winter

Winter in the south is always more difficult to boil than the north. It is rainy and wet, and the indoor house makes people feel wet and cold. Although so, it is not possible to stop women from pursuing beautiful and moving postures. Whenever you are on the street or office, you can see women’s shorts and short skirts, and a pair of boots with a pair of stockings on the legs. The knee was red and swollen and could not bend, and even could not even walk.

Recently, many “frozen people” female netizens asked us for help: What caused her knees to become red and swollen and not bent? How to prevent and treat? To this end, 39 Health Network invited Director Wei Wei Song, the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Guangzhou General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region, and asked him to answer it for everyone.


Director Wei Song said that “frozen people” women in winter are likely to cause old cold legs. Try the sequential therapy during treatment

【Expert Introduction】

Wei Song: Deputy Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Deputy Chief Physician, Doctor of Medicine, Master’s Graduate Tutor.

Main academic positions: Chairman of the Professional Committee of the Guangdong Acupuncture Society and Needle Sword Professional Committee, Director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method Professional Committee of the World Chinese Medicine Association, Standing Committee and Secretary of the Standing Committee and Secretary of the Chinese Acupuncture Society of the Chinese Acupuncture Society, Standing Committee member, executive member of the Professional Committee of the Celestial Knife of the Guangdong Provincial Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Main academic achievements: Apply Chinese medicine to the “tendon theory” to the clinical clinical of rheumatism, and prepare the professional committee of the Guangdong Provincial Acupuncture Society and Needle Knife; Application of mixture minimally invasive technology, the total number of patients with diagnosis and treatment patients exceeds 5,000, and clinical efficacy has been affirmed by the academic circles of the “Meridian Knife” and “Knife Kids Mirror” practical Chinese medicine clinical diagnosis and treatment technology. Local refractory swelling and pain, and establish a “transparent paralysis turning method” to treat rheumatism. He has won more than ten patents, published more than thirty papers, edited two monographs of rheumatism, and participated in two compilations. He won one second prize of science and technology progress in Guangdong Province. More than ten items including the Junior Military, Guangdong Natural Science Foundation and Guangdong Science and Technology Plan Fund, Guangdong Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau Fund Project, and Guangzhou Science and Credit Bureau Fund Project.

Women’s legs in winter are not warm and easy to freeze out “old cold legs”

Director Wei Song introduced that in the south in winter and cold, many women still like to wear shorts or skirts, so that the knee joints are exposed to the wet and cold air. After a long time, the knee blood circulation is not good, and the legs of the legs are not good. Because of the reduction of the surrounding blood supply, the joints of joints have decreased, and the knee joint osteoarthritis is suffered from the commonly known “old cold legs”.

The occurrence of “old cold legs” is mostly attacked by wind and cold and dampness. Therefore, when the weather changes, especially in winter, we need to increase clothing to avoid the invasion of wind and cold and dampness. This is the key to preventing old cold legs. “Old cold legs” are mostly in the elderly, and now there are more and more female patients around 30.

Many women will be strange that “old cold legs” should be a disease that elderly people will suffer. Why do they suffer from this disease at a young age? Director Wei Song said that the possibility of elderly people suffering from cold legs is relatively large, but this disease does not have nothing to do with young people. In particular, some young women still have short skirts in the cold winter. Although they are beautiful but “freezing”, “old cold legs” will take the initiative to come to the door. If women feel sore and sore in their legs, and they still have a sense of heavyness. This is a precursor to suffering from “old cold legs”. Therefore, female friends must pay attention to keep warm and appropriate exercise. The legs were drilled.

Treatment of “old -cold legs” can try through the therapy of the tendon

“Lao Han Leg” is a chronic disease. There are many ways to clinically treat them. The drugs are mainly two categories: anti -inflammatory pain relief and immunosuppressive suppression. In addition, hormone drugs can be used. It was not cured, and the symptoms were eliminated at that time, but after a while, it may be induced in the cold and cold days.

Wei Song said that physical methods are also often used, such as acupuncture, massage, and methods such as Chinese medicine and radio frequency. “The problem of medicine is not great, but the effect is often difficult to maintain for a long time, because such diseases are very stubborn.” Director Wei Song said.

“Treatment of ‘Old Cold Legs’ can use Chinese medicine minimally invasive meridian sequential therapy. It does not destroy the overall structure during the diagnosis and treatment process. Only the fine tissue structure changes, which can be suitable for most joints, spine and other soft tissue diseases. With the help of local dredging, peeling, irrigation, and medicine, it can often eliminate symptoms and shorten the course of the disease in a short time. Director Wei Song said.

Prevent “old cold legs” should be persistent

Old cold legs are a chronic disease. Moderate physical exercise can prevent muscle atrophy and enhance the strength of leg muscles. Winter activity is to be comfortable and sweaty, and you are persistent. In life, you can also exercise leg muscles through some simple and easy methods to improve the effect of joint function and effectively prevent disease. You can sit on the chair, straighten your legs, keep your toes straight, and make the calf muscles tension. After keeping it for 10 seconds, slowly let go, completely relax, repeat 2-3 times; It is advisable to group and relax slowly after exercise. Such exercises can prevent “old cold legs”. “The main symptoms of” Old Cold Legs “are mostly knee pain, so some patients aim at the knee joint of exercise targets, and often shake the knee joints with a half -squat posture. When squatting, the knee joint is the most stressful, and the shaking is aggravated and the pain is aggravated. “Director Wei Song said.

Director Wei Song emphasized that women prevent the occurrence of “old cold legs”. In addition to exercise, the warmth of legs should be kept in low temperature environment. It is best to wear warm trousers to protect the knee joints and avoid cold; Blow your legs. For the office of the office, if you feel cool in the room, you must stand up and move your limbs and body appropriately. You can also massage more legs to accelerate blood circulation and flow.

39 Health Network ( special draft, please do not reprint without written authorization.


(Correspondent: Zeng Shunxiang)

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