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The development of cancer is not overnight. When there are 4 signs of the body, the cancer may be emerging.

Xiao Yang is 28 years old and works in Shanghai.Some time ago, she found that she was obviously thin, and at first she was fortunate that the flesh was dropped again.But slowly, people were thin.



After screening at the hospital, it was found that the thyroid function and blood glucose results were basically normal, and the chest tablets were not abnormal. The doctor suspected that the tumor was in a dysfunction, so he opened a low -dose spiral CT examination for Xiao Yang.

CT shows that Xiao Yang has grinding glass nodules in the lungs, suspected early lung cancer, and it is recommended that Xiao Yang underwent minimally invasive surgery as soon as possible. Postoperative pathological is proven to be early lung cancer.

1. The development of cancer is not overnight

According to the latest cancer statistics, my country used data in 2016. In 2016, 4.064 million new cancer patients were added in my country, and 2.4135 million people died of cancer.On average, people have diagnosed cancer every seven minutes.

In fact, cancer does not grow a day. Many cancers have grown in the body for a long time before being diagnosed.From the beginning to being diagnosed in the body, it may need to go through more than ten or even decades.The development of cancer generally goes through five growth processes.

1. Seeds stage (pre -cancer lesions)

Such as polyps, chronic inflammation, etc., may be an anterior lesions, such as atrophic gastritis, intestinal polyps, mucosal leukemia, breast hyperplasia, skin color moles, etc., are all pre -cancer lesions.Although cancer may develop cancer before cancer, if it can be found and treated at this time, it will not develop cancer.

2. Systanus stage (in situ cancer)

At first it was a seed, but if the seeds were sprouts and turned into small saplings, it may become in situ cancer.In situ cancer in the sapling stage, it can be cured without infringing in the deep part.

3. Big tree stage (infiltration cancer)

The saplings continued to grow, the roots began to root, and the vitality gradually became stronger. At the stage of the big tree, the cancer developed to this stage, and it was at the stage of infiltrating the cancer.It means that this stage of surgery may also recur.

4. Seeds to sowing the surrounding stages (regional lymph node transfer)

If the tree continues to grow, the seeds may be spread, just like the regional lymph node metastasis of the cancer.

5. Seeds to sowing the distance from the distance (transferred in the distance)

The seeds sowing to the distance means that cancer has begun to metastasize, and most of them have reached the advanced cancer.

In these five stages, the stage of cancer and cancer in situ is the best time to intervene, but no matter what stage of it, it is necessary to actively treat it. Once physical abnormalities occur, you must be vigilant.

2. When there are 4 signs of the body, cancer may be emerging

The following abnormal symptoms appear in the body. It is likely to be a signal of cancer. Be sure to treat it as soon as possible.

1. Repair and fatigue for unknown reasons

The abnormal weight loss, obvious weight loss, and symptoms such as fatigue and decreased appetite may be cancer warning.

2. Change the characteristics and habits of stool

The stool is thinner, blood in the stool, and constipation diarrhea, etc., may be a distress signal from bowel cancer.

3. Bleeding of unknown causes

There is no trauma but bleeding symptoms, such as blood in the stool, hemoptysis, vaginal bleeding, hematuria, etc., which must be paid attention to.

4. The body appears lumps and nodules

The lumps and nodules of unknown reasons, if they are accompanied by large, hard texture, unclear boundaries, etc., be careful of malignant tumors.

Third, the 4 kinds of foods are like cancer cells, try to touch as little as possible

Some foods like to eat, but it may also be food that cancer cells like to eat, try to touch less.

1. Mold food

Lu Yinying, chief physician of liver tumor diagnosis and research and research of the Fifth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital, pointed out that moldy foods contain tantalinxin, and eating too much may induce liver cancer and eat less.

2. Betel nut

Yu Guangyan, the former dean of Peking University Stomatology Hospital, pointed out that chemicals such as betel nuts in betel nut can stimulate oral mucosa and may induce oral cancer.

3. Barbecue, fried food

Barbecue and fried foods may produce benzene or cyclocarians, which increases the risk of gastric cancer.

4. Chinese salted fish

The World Health Organization lists Chinese salted fish as a type of carcinogen. This high -salt -marinated food may produce nitrine compounds and increase the risk of cancer.

The development of cancer is not developed in one day, and it may take five stages.Usually eat less moldy food, betel nut, barbecue, Chinese salted fish and other foods. Once you find abnormal symptoms of your body, you must be vigilant.

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