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The diagnosis rate of urban children’s asthma is 30%!Children’s asthma cannot be ignored

Asthma is a global public health problem, and it is also one of the common chronic diseases in childhood. The incidence of bronchial asthma in children in my country has risen year by year and has become one of the main chronic diseases that endanger children’s health, but their diagnosis and control levels are still not high.

The results of the survey of children’s asthma epidemios in my country show that the leakage rate of urban children’s asthma has reached 30%! If you do not actively treat it, people with about 1/3-1/2 in children’s asthma can be extended to adults, and the consequences are rising.

Because children are in the process of growth and development, asthma children at all ages are different due to the characteristics of respiratory system anatomy, physiology, immune, and pathological. Understanding these characteristics is conducive to the diagnosis and identification diagnosis of asthma. To understand children’s asthma, you may wish to see the clinical characteristics of children’s asthma together.

1. Respiratory symptoms

Coughing, cough, shortness of breath, and chest tightness are non -specific respiratory symptoms in children, which can be seen in asthma and non -asthma diseases. The symptoms of typical asthma of children are mainly below for five points.

(1) Treatment of diversity: often there are incentives such as upper respiratory tract infection, allergenic exposure, strenuous exercise, laughter, crying, climate change and other incentives;

(2) Repeated attack: Suddenly occurring when encountering the cause of the inducement or worsening;

(3) Time Rhythm: Frequent attacks at night and early morning or worsen;

(4) Seasonality: often occur or worsen during the autumn and winter seasons or season changes;

(5) Reverseness: Cingering drugs can usually relieve symptoms and may have obvious relief period.

2. History/family history:

History of allergic diseases such as eczema, allergic rhinitis, or family history of allergic diseases such as asthma, increase the possibility of asthma diagnosis.

Third, the sound of breath, the sound of the sound:

The most common abnormal signs of children with asthma are the puzzle of the breath, but there may be no abnormal signs in children with chronic duration and clinical relief period. During the acute attack of severe asthma, due to severe airway obstruction, the respiratory sound can be significantly weakened, and the wheezing sound is weakened or even disappeared (“silent lungs”). At this time, other related signs of respiratory failure are usually presented, and even life.

Next section: Early identification of high -risk patients will help manage asthma disease


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