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The diapers are too tight and easy to provoke diapers rash

The baby is soaked in urine, or he accidentally pulls a bubble, and many of the parents are habitually chose to use a diaper for the baby. But don’t think that the baby’s PP can be at ease. Under the diapers, the baby may become a red butt, and find that the baby is uncomfortable, so it is likely that it is long diaper rash.

Preventing diaper rash is more important than treatment

The diaper rash generally manifested as redness of the hip skin, severe swelling or even ulceration, and slightly slightly external force or friction will cause damage.

The diaper rash is likely to be caused by the diapers too tight and not ventilated. Experts point out that the baby’s skin is delicate, it is prone to allergies and causes inflammation, and severe erosion and seepage will be more erosion and exudate. Children with allergies will respond more.

Compared to treatment, it is particularly important to prevent diaper rash, and parents should pay attention to it.

While the little fart has not yet occurred, it is very important to do cleaning and care. Moms can apply a layer of Vaselin thin when changing diapers to block the irritation of urine and feces. And choose a soft and breathable diapers to reduce the dampness and friction of the small fart.

When the baby’s buttocks begin to appear reddish symptoms, the best way is to occasionally take off the diaper to make the butt out with a breathing, and change the diapers more frequently than usual, try to keep the small fart dry.

When more severe diaper rash symptoms or improve various conditions, but the symptoms are still not improved, you must take it to ask the doctor for treatment.

Experts suggest that diapers and diapers are used

The diapers are indeed convenient, but its breathability is always not as good as diaper. The diapers should be combined with diapers to help children develop regular excretion habits.

1. Change diapers. Parents have to touch whether the baby’s diaper is wet, and it is not enough to judge by crying by the baby; if the baby often eats while eating, you should change the diapers or diapers before feeding. Change it once; even if the dirty diaper is only a little dirty, it should be replaced.

2. Female babies should pay more attention to diaper hygiene. Female babies are prone to urinary tract infections, so they should replace diaper and diapers in time after stool to prevent bacteria from surging infections.

3. Do not choose small size. Some parents are afraid that the diapers will leak urine, so they are willing to use small -size diapers, which is not conducive to breathable, and the baby feels not stretched. If you open your diapers and find that your baby’s skin is wrinkled, the selected size is too small.

4. Diabetes should not be used for more than 2 years.

5. After the child is 1 year old, he should start to give them urine and stools to help children develop the habit of excretion.

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