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The difference between bladder cancer and ureteral cancer

Bladder cancer and ureteral cancer are different in terms of position and treatment.

The most fundamental difference between bladder cancer and ureteral cancer is where it is located. Although they are visible to the naked eye, the position of ureteral cancer is relatively high, and the bladder cancer is inside the bladder.This situation can be determined through imaging examinations such as color Doppler ultrasound, CT and even nuclear magnetic resonance.During the bladder urethral mirror examination, the bladder mucosa was found intact, and the diagnosis of ureteral tumors was mainly through ureteroscopy.Both are urinary tract cancer, but the biological behavior of tumors is lighter than bladder cancer, while ureter cancer is more malignant.Secondly, the treatment of bladder cancer and ureteral cancer is also different. Fallopian tumors often use unilaterally cure whole kidney ureter resection. In the early stage of bladder cancer, bladder tumors can be usedbladder.

It is recommended to avoid eating high-fat food during treatment. This is because these foods contain a large amount of oil. If too much intake, it may cause complications and affect the health of the body.

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