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The difference between bronchitis and bronchitis

What is the difference between bronchitis and bronchitis? How to correctly distinguish bronchitis and bronchitis? The two diseases of bronchitis and bronchitis have a headache for patients. Because the two have similarity, it is difficult for patients to distinguish. Below, we will teach you the correct method of distinguishing bronchitis and bronchitis.

Both bronchitis or bronchitis are a manifestation of respiratory tract infection. It is mostly popular in autumn and winter, often part of the acute upper respiratory infection. It can occur in other virus infections of ordinary colds or rhinitis, larynx and bronchial bronchial. It is often accompanied by secondary bacterial infections. So what is the difference between bronchitis and bronchitis?

[1. The difference between the symptoms of bronchitis and bronchitis]:

Symptoms of bronchitis are because infection can occur in different evidences such as wind and cold, wind and heat, and clinically, wind and cold. Others, such as inhalation of smoke, can also cause lungs to cause cough. If the evil of the lung guard can not be removed in time, it can be transformed and transformed. For example, the cold cough can be cooled and the heat can be turned into heat, and the wind and the heat cough can be turned into dryness and damage. cough.

The symptoms of bronchitis are long -term cough, mostly when the cold season and temperature change, and the cough in the morning and evening is frequent, and the day is reduced. Most of the sputum is white sticky, and the sputum in the morning and evening. When combined with infection, the amount of sputum is increased, mostly internal heat type, and the Luo Yin can be reduced after coughing.

[2. The difference between bronchitis and bronchitis infection]:

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The infection of bronchitis is: bronchitis is mostly caused by bacterial or virus infections, and bacterial viruses that induce bronchitis are mainly rhinovirus, composer, influenza virus, and rubella virus. More common bacteria are pneumococcus, hemolytic splin bacteria, bacteria, and fluorobacteria. Chronic stimulation such as temperature drops and pollution atmosphere can also occur; smoking causes bronchial spasm, decrease in cilia, and increased mucus secretion to infection; allergies are also related.

The infection of bronchitis is: 1. Infection: Viruses or bacteria can be directly infected by viruses and bacteria, or viruses or bacteria spreading due to acute upper respiratory tract infections. Second, physical and chemical factors. Third, allergic reactions: Common pathogenic originals include inhalation of pollen, organic dust, fungal spores, etc.; secretions can be mucus purulent. The structure and function of the mucosa after inflammation can return to normal.

Generally speaking, the difference is not very large. Crimeline and bronchitis are infected with low resistance such as cold, excessive fatigue, malnutrition, etc. when the whole body or local defense function is low, which is infected with infectious physics and chemical stimulation, causing mucosal congestion, and the mucosa is congested. Inflammation pathological changes such as edema, exudation, and increased secretions.

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