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The difference between cavity cerebral infarction and cerebral infarction

The difference between cavity cerebral infarction and cerebral infarction is mainly the size of the lesion.

Castic cerebral infarction is a special type of cerebral infarction.On the basis of cerebral arteriosclerosis and hypertension, the small arteries of the depth of the brain are blocked, causing the softening of the ischemia of the cerebral tissue.The incidence of this disease is very high.The common parts of the disease are shell nucleus, tail nucleus and hill brain.A small part of the disease also appeared in the radiation crown and the lower part of the ventricular membrane.Because the cavity cerebral infarction is very small, the lesions are small, and the harm is not great.The infarction stove with a diameter of less than two centimeters is called a cavity infarction stove.Cerebral infarction includes cavity cerebral infarction. The cerebral infarction has both lesions with relatively small infarction area and lesions with large infarction area, so the range of cerebral infarction is wider.The condition of cavity cerebral infarction is generally relatively mild and may not cause any clinical symptoms.Most patients know that they have cerebral infarction when they are checked.The treatment of cerebral infarction requires the application of anti -platelet agglomeration, arteriosclerosis, and blood circulation blood stasis. At the same time, it is necessary to control the risk factors related to prevent the disease from aggravating the disease.

Patients with cavity and cerebral infarction and cerebral infarction need to pay attention to: patients with cerebral infarction should pay attention to control blood pressure.Hypertension is one of the risk factors of patients with cerebral infarction.If patients with cerebral infarction are not treated in time, they will cause cardiovascular damage, which is very harmful to patients’ health.Therefore, patients with cerebral infarction should pay attention to check blood pressure regularly. Patients with hypertension should take antihypertensive drugs according to the doctor’s suggestion to help better prevent the recurrence of cerebral infarction.Patients with cerebral infarction need to be regularly reviewed to avoid the risk of recurrence.After cerebral infarction, patients need to pay attention to.Even after treatment, regular review is needed.Some patients with mild condition and better recovery often ignore the importance of regular follow -up after recovery.

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