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The difference between safety and ovulation period

Many adult girls will hear that there are two situations: safety and ovulation period, but these just adult girls do not know what safety period is, and they can’t distinguish between ovulation period, so I really want to know these two physical conditions What are the differences, so today I will show you the difference between the safety and ovulation period?

The difference between the safety and ovulation period is mainly in the physiological condition and method. The safety period indicates that women are not easy to get pregnant with the opposite sex during this period of time, and if there is a sexual relationship with the opposite sex during ovulation, there is no contraceptive measures beforehand. This is easy to get pregnant. The safety period is generally a week after women just come after menstruation and the week before menstruation, and the period in the middle is basically ovulation period, but except for menstrual period.

Another obvious difference between safety and ovulation period is that the leucorrhea will become a lot during ovulation, and the leucorrhea will not be particularly much during the safety period, and most of the white leucorrhea colors in the safety period are milky white, and while the safety period Estabular loss of estrogen during ovulation and irritating leucorrhea of ​​follicles will become transparent, and it will also become sticky.

Normal care during the safety period, but during ovulation, pay attention to cleaning the vulva every day. Use warm water when cleaning. Excessive water temperature will burn the skin and water temperature too low will cause bacteria to breed. Therefore However, after washing, dry the vulva, and it should be dried with a hair dryer to prevent skin diseases such as eczema. The underwear should be cleaned and replaced every day. After washing, it should be soaked in boiling water. When ovulation, if you do not want a child, you must do contraception if you have sex with the opposite sex. Otherwise, accidental pregnancy will bring great harm to the body.

After reading the introduction above, I believe everyone knows the difference between safety and ovulation period? I hope that all female friends can distinguish the ovulation and safety period. It is necessary to meet the correct sexual intercourse and contraception in daily life. It will calculate and understand their ovulation period. It is also one of the necessary life skills for young women Essence

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