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The ears are always itchy, but can’t get out of earwax?Maybe these 6 factors are making strange

I received a letter of submission from the fans in the background:

Hello, my name is Xiaoxin. I am 22 years old. I always feel itchy in my ears. At first, I thought I might not have earn ears for a while. Too much earwax was caused, so I found the ear spoons.

In order to get more clean, I also invited my friends to help me see it, but after reading it, I said that it looked very clean in my ears and had no earwax. Then if there are not many earwax, why do you always itch your ears? what happened? what should I do?

Many people have been itchy in the ears. Why is this? Let me tell you today.

The ears are always itchy, what is going on?

1. Outlet secretions

This is the earwax that everyone usually says. If the ear accumulates too much, it can stimulate the outer ear canal nerve, which causes itching of the ears.

2. Frequent your ears

If you are idle, you like to dig out your ears and dug your earwax, which will cause the skin of the outer ear canal to cause itching due to too dry, and it will also easily damage the subcutaneous tissue, causing bacterial invasion and causing inflammation.

3. Mite “settled”

Mites are mainly located in human hair follicles or sebaceous glands. When it invades the ear canal, its metabolic products, dead insect residues, etc. can easily block and stimulate the pores of the ear canal, which will also cause itching. The sour smell.

4. Outletal dermatitis

For some reasons, such as frequent ears, the skin damage of the outer ear canal is caused, and the microorganisms will invade, which will cause dermatitis of the external ear canal, which will cause itching, bloating of the ear, and pain.

5. Out ear canal eczema

This is also a major cause of itching of the ears, and most of itching is more severe. Patients often have red ears, long water sores, yellow water, and desquamation.

6, fungal infection

It is easy to hide dirt in the ears, so it is easy to be attacked by fungi. Once the infection occurs, the most direct manifestation is itching, especially at night, there are small amounts of secretions and pain in pain.

It can be seen that there are many reasons for itching of the ears, and the specific treatment methods are naturally different.

What should I do if my ears itchy?

You can try massaging the ear, knead it, and press it to alleviate itching; if it is caused by too much earwax, you can also try to chew, open your mouth and other mandibular movements. Help relieve itching; if itching is more intense and lasts for a long time, it is best to go to the hospital for examination in time and then deal with it.

Ears are closely related to health, and three abnormalities should be paid attention to

Whether the ears are normal and the health of the body also have a close relationship. Generally speaking, the ears of normal people are rosy, shiny, and shaped in the shape of the color.

Zhao Xiaofeng, director of the Chinese Medicine of the First People’s Hospital of Huai’an City, said that if these abnormalities appear in the ears, the ears are damaged:

Some people’s ears are not only rosy, but also have a lot of wrinkles. They look dry. At this time, they must be alert to the cause of blood loss of the heart; some people have pale colors and the thickness of the ears gradually decreased. There are pimples and lumps behind the ears.

In short, when the ears appear abnormal, you must pay attention to the reason in time, and then solve the symptoms to avoid the serious consequences of hearing decline and even deafness.

Don’t want to be injured in your ears, do these 4 things well in daily life

Ears are the main channels for us to listen to various wonderful sounds, which is of great significance to us, so we must pay attention to the protection of the ears and avoid these habits of ears.

Don’t take your ears frequently:

Our ears itself have the function of self -cleaning. If we are always “manual interference”, it is easy to have an anti -effect and push the earwax to the inner ear.

It is also easy to cause damage to the ear canal, severe injury to the middle ear and inner ear, causing deafness. Therefore, you still have to control yourself, do not move your ears without moving.

Don’t wear headphones for a long time:

When it is plugged into the headset or earbuds, it can make the air in the ear canal difficult to circulate, which makes the ear canal a hotbed for bacteria, and it is more prone to various diseases such as ear canalitis. So don’t be a “headset party”.

Do not adjust the volume high:

For example, when listening to the phone, many people will turn on the speakers, the sound is very loud, and it is very close to the ears. In the long run, this can cause the peripheral sensor to be damaged and damaged the hearing. Therefore, in order to protect hearing, it is recommended that you try to adjust the volume as much as possible.

Don’t abuse the drug:

Especially antibiotics, such as Needicillin and mildew, abuse may damage brain nerves and cause deafness, and there is no good treatment for this drug deafness.

Summary: The importance of the ears to the human body is self -evident. If abnormalities such as itching in the ears occur, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time. Usually do the maintenance of the ears, and change some behaviors that can hurt the ear, don’t let it hurt.

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