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The “egg pain” in the middle of the night turned out to be the testicular twisting

I believe that many people have never heard of testicular reversing. This disease is peak in the early stage of youth and the newborn period, and about half of them occur during sleep. At the beginning, the testes in the scrotum were often painful, and then it affected the entire scrotum, showing persistent, and the pain would be worsen. Especially when the testicles were lifted when lying flat, the pain would increase local pain. May also feel nausea and vomiting.

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A junior high school was studying a boy, and he was suddenly awakened in the middle of the night in the middle of the night, and found that his lower vulcorus was large. When I went to the nearby clinic, I was diagnosed with orchitis. Unfortunately, the treatment still did not improve for a few days. Until the fifth day of the disease, when he was in a large hospital, it was found that his testicles had been “free to turn” in the scrotum for three weeks through color Doppler ultrasound. Due to the loss of blood circulation for the testicular, it is dark and necrotic. In the end, “eggs” are not guaranteed and need to be removed.

少年半夜“蛋疼” 竟然是睾丸扭转

What is going on with testicles?

The testicular membrane is connected to the scrotum, and the testicular membrane is fixed to the scrotum by the testicular membrane. Some fetuses will produce a diaphragm on one or both sides during development. After birth, the activity of the testicles and sperm cables is very large. A certain degree of reversing, testicular reversing is 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees, and so on. The greater the angle, the more serious the situation. This situation is called testicular torsional, also called ingenuity.

Testicles twist for more than 24 hours, “eggs” or not guaranteed

Adolescent men will be more serious if the testicles are reversed. Early patients can be reset through methods. After 10 hours of reset, the testicles can survive without serious adverse consequences. If the twisting affects the blood flow cycle for more than 24 hours, the simply method of reset will not work, it needs to be surgery immediately, and it is likely to remove the twisting testicles. Otherwise, the necrotic substances are not treated in time, and it is transmitted to the other on one side through the capillary mesh. The raw essence function of the remaining testicles may not be guaranteed.

Testicles are often misdiagnosed as orchitis

Once the testicular twisting occurs, it is difficult to see from the appearance. In addition, the disease is overlapped with the peak peak age of orchia and epididymitis. It is easy to diagnose whether it is testicular inflammation, epididymitis, testicular ischemia pain, etc., so delay treatment. It is the most headache and the most misdiagnosis of urology doctors.

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Teste pain is best to check through B -ultrasound. It is easier for the blood flow to reverse the testicular to distinguish between other diseases. If the doctor can discover the teste of the testicular in time and observe it closely, once the conservative treatment does not alleviate, or the ultrasonic results show that the twisting is reversed, it is necessary to surgical to explore and treat it in time. Therefore, if you are in adolescence, you should be vigilant when he is tall and thin.

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