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The eight major nutrition makes children smarter

The results of Japanese nutritionists in recent years have shown that children’s brain development depends on whether the food nutrients they have taken are balanced. Experts point out that eight types of nutrients are crucial to children’s brain development:

(1) Fat. Successful fats can speed up brain functional development, while herbivores are the most easily absorbed by children.

(2) Vitamin C. Human IQ is closely related to the vitamin C content in the blood. Successive vitamin C can make children’s brain function keen, so it should often be taken in strawberries, enoki mushrooms, orange and tomatoes.

(3) Calcium. A sufficient amount of calcium can keep the brain continuously working. Therefore, seafood, fish and bone soup should be a common table dish for children.

(4) Protein. Protein is the basic substance to ensure that the brain is engaged in complex intellectual activities. Therefore, eggs, fish, milk, soy products and other protein -rich foods are essential.

(5) Vitamin B. Such substances can regulate brain nerve function and nutritional nerve effects, and can prevent mental disorders. Therefore, eating more foods such as peach, cereals, sesame, mushrooms.

(6) Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a substance that promotes brain development. The content of vitamin A in animal liver, brain, carrots, fish eggs and cream is particularly rich.

(7) Vitamin E. Foods rich in vitamin E include peanuts, wheat, green peas, and vegetable oil. This substance can promote brain cell hyperplasia and maintain the vitality of brain cells.

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(8) Sugar. Sugar is the basic energy of brain cell activity. Children take sugar, in principle, they should eat more starch foods to transform. They are supplemented by sugar -containing foods such as jujube, longan, honey, etc., and avoid excessive ingestion of sugar and sweets.

Children’s nutrition should be comprehensive, appropriate, and balanced. Therefore, on the issue of children’s eating, we must first abandon the custom of “try to eat as much as possible, eat what you like to eat”. healthy.

(Intern editor: Yan Yanming)

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