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The elderly are more difficult to control diabetes!Daily sugar control, pay attention to 5 points

Diabetes has a very high incidence in the elderly groups in my country. If elderly diabetes patients do not control their blood sugar, they will have a lot of complications. Some complications are even irreversible. It is endangered that the elderly want to control blood sugar well. You must do five o’clock, let’s introduce them one by one.

Blood glucose control, pay attention to 5 points!

1. Measure blood sugar regularly and make a record

After the elderly find that their blood glucose rises, the blood glucose must be measured regularly, and the blood glucose value is recorded, so that everyone can also know whether the blood glucose value is high or not. You can also know if your blood glucose control is proper.

2. Strictly control the diet

If the elderly want to control their blood sugar, they must strictly control their usual diet, especially to reduce the intake of starch, sugar -containing food, but not all foods can not be eaten. You only need to control the total heat. You can solicit the doctor’s advice before eating.

3. Exercise more often

I hope that elderly diabetes patients will not stay at home for a long time, and go out to exercise more when I have time, because exercise can increase the sensitivity of the body to insulin, so that blood sugar can naturally be controlled well, can reduce some some of them can be reduced. The emergence of severe complications.

4. Regular follow -up

Each elderly diabetic patient must go to the hospital for relevant examinations on a regular basis, and you can consult a diabetic doctor for specific projects.

5. Take the medicine in accordance with the doctor’s order

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Some diabetes with severe diseases also need to take medicine on time to control blood sugar. At present, hypoglycemic drugs mainly include oral and injection of insulin.

The elderly are more likely to have blood sugar fluctuations. Therefore, once the elderly find that their blood glucose value is high, they need to be conditioned as soon as possible to delay the progress of diabetes, so that the possibility of various complications can also be reduced.

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