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The elderly can’t drink chicken soup

For most people, when they are sick or weak, they like to use old hen stew soup to nourish their bodies, but this kind of supplementary ingredients are not suitable for the elderly. Why?Let’s take a look together!

The elderly can't drink chicken soup

In addition, chicken soup contains more fat and purine. Those with poor kidney function, hyperuricemia, gout, excessive gastric acid, patients with biliary disease, and middle -aged and elderly people with hyperlipidemia and hypertension are not suitable for drinking chicken soupOtherwise, it is easy to promote the increase in blood cholesterol and aggravate diseases such as arteriosclerosis and gastric ulcer.

It can be said that if the chicken soup is supplemented, it will only aggravate the condition, which is harmful to the body of the middle -aged and elderly people.Therefore, middle -aged and elderly people should drink less chicken soup.

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