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The elderly choose the correct disinfection potion by trauma

The stumbling stumbling in daily life may always bring us skin damage, especially the elderly is more likely to be injured. After the injury, everyone thinks of to deal with the wound and minimize the adverse consequences of the damage. However, there are many types of disinfection solutions for cleaning wounds, and their characteristics are different. So how to choose disinfected potions for the elderly?

There are mainly the following disinfection drugs or liquids commonly used in the family: red potion, purple potion, hydrogen, boric acid water, iodine, iodine, alcohol. Their role and effect are roughly as follows:

First, red potion is 2%mercury bromine solution, which mainly has the effects of sterilization, disinfection, anticorrosion, and promoting wound healing. However, the bacteriostatic effect is weak and containing mercury organic compounds, which are poisonous to the human body and are rarely used now.

2. Purple potion, which is 2%of the purple solution, can speed up wound healing and is often used in superficial skin and mucous membrane infections. It should not be used in mucosa or open wounds, such as knife injury or stabilizer.

Third, hydrogen peroxide is hydrogen peroxide, which has a disinfection and sterilization effect, but the concentration is large, and it is easy to burn the skin of the affected area. When a superficial wound that has a certain infection, its blood, pus, etc. will reduce its bactericidal power.

Fourth, 3%boric acid solution with boric acid water has the effects of cleaning, convergence and bacteriostatic effects. It is often used as skin, mucous membranes and wounds and cleaning, and dental inflammatory disease.

Fifth, iodine is a 2%solution made of iodine and potassium iodide in alcohol. It is mainly used for surface disinfection of non -mucous membrane wounds. Commonly used for skin disinfection and wound disinfection before surgery and before injection. Generally, it is not used for ulcer wounds, and iodine allergies are disabled.

6. iodine is compounded by iodine and polyol ether, which is mainly used for disinfection of the surface of non -mucous membrane wounds. It is convenient to use, no irritation, no odor, and can directly coat the wound, no pigmentation.

7. The concentration of alcoholic medical disinfection is about 70%to 75%. High -concentration alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of the bacteria to prevent them from entering the bacteria, but it is difficult to kill the bacteria completely.

Generally, if a abrasion or small trauma occurs, the wound should be cleaned with water or 1%physiological saline, and the soil, sand and other dirt and blood stains should be removed. It is very irritating, it will be painful to apply it. Generally, it is used without irritating iodophor. If the wound is darker or stabbed by rusty things, in addition to rinse with water or physiological saline, it is also used to wash with hydrogen peroxide. It can kill anaerobic bacteria. Breakic acid water and purple potion have bacteriostatic and convergence effects, which can be used for acute exudation dermatitis and scald wet compresses.

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