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The elderly should not depend on the “aphrodisiac”

In recent years, the number of elderly people taking aphrodisiac or eager to take aphrodisiacs has been increasing. Although it is said that the treatment of impotence may have a physical impact, the moderate amount of aphrodisiac is good for health and delaying aging, because normal sexual life can promote the metabolism of the human body and benefit the health of the heart and body.

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But the elderly must take aphrodisiac carefully, remember not to excess. On the one hand, most of the elderly have basic diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, etc., and excessive use can easily cause serious consequences; on the other hand, the function of the elderly is reduced, the drugs are slow in the body, the storage time is long, the drug is drug, the drug Strong effect, excessive use make the side effects greatly increase.

In addition to the treatment of impotence surgery, the current “aphrodisiac” is generally divided into three categories: one is a drug for the purpose of treating sexual dysfunction; Sexual health medicines; there are also drugs for strengthening excitement, irritating activities, and increasing sexual reactions.

The medicine of “aphrodisiac” is more warm and hot. If it is a person with kidney yang deficiency, only if it is properly taken properly under the guidance of a doctor, can the decreased sexual function be restored to some extent. If it is a yin deficiency and fire, if you take it, you will have all kinds of disadvantages if you pour oil on the fire.

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Due to the high cost of treatment of impotence, many people will pin their hopes on the “aphrodisiac”. The “aphrodisiac” in Western medicine has many side effects. Many impotence patients over 50 years old have cardiovascular disease and diabetes. After taking “aphrodisiac”, they may cover up their real condition. Therefore, people with a tendency to cardiovascular disease must use “aphrodisiac” with caution to avoid inducing heart disease or stroke.

Therefore, the elderly should follow the principle of “sex”: First, do not force, varies from person to person, and let it go; the other is not to worry, take it slowly, and make sexual life harmonious as much as possible, even if it fails, it is not discouraged; The third is not to interrupt intentionally. The fourth is to pursue more psychological needs, and you can use non -direct sexual activities such as kissing, hugs, and talking with each other.

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