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The elderly take medicine safely and keep in mind 5 o’clock

Maybe you are enjoying the year of the flower armor, maybe you will enter the year of the puppet, please remember that you must be extra cautious when taking prescription medicines or non -prescription medicines. If you also have such an elder in your family, you also hope that you can help the elderly to ensure the safety of medication.

Gradually, the drugs you use may be more and more, and harmful drug interactions are increasing.

Getting older, changes in the body will affect the absorption of the drug, and there will be potential complications. Perhaps your liver and kidneys will be inferior to before, which will affect the degradation and excretion of the drug.

Gradually, changes in the digestive system will also affect the speed of drugs entering blood flow.

As Sandra L. KWeder, deputy director of the Food and Drug Administration of Food and Drugs (FDA), said, “As the age grows, a series of physiological changes are inevitable. People are becoming disappearing, which is just a normal change in the process of normal aging. “

In order to guide the elderly to use drugs, FDA recently issued a security reminder for the elderly taking drugs on its website.

Follow the medicine

Take the medicine on time and follow the doctor’s guidance. Do not increase the dose or stop taking the drug without authorization, even if you feel better or the drug is invalid.

KWEDER said, “Drugs can only work after taking it. The treatment of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes can only take effect only for long -term advice. You need to continue to take it to control your condition.”

“The dose of the drug is obtained according to the clinical trial of the FDA review. Each drug is different. The dose you take is based on the previous test test.” KWeder mentioned that this is why you can’t authorize without authorization. The reason for selecting the dose of the drug.

If you are suffering from the side effects of the drug or other issues, please consult the relevant medical service personnel.

List the list of medicines

Write down the medicine you are taking and carry such a list with you. You can consider copying the drug list to friends or loved ones -this is particularly important when you are in an emergency or you travel.

Record the name of the product that takes the drug, if possible, and the common name of the drug. At the same time, write down the number of times and dosage, such as one piece a day, 300 mg.

Finally, taking each drug is a good mark. KWeder said, “You should know the medicine you take better than your doctor.”

Pay attention to the potential interaction of drugs

Keep in mind that with the increase of age, the risk of drug interaction also increases.

Drug interactions can occur:

One drug affects another drug to play a role

Your physical condition makes certain drugs harmful

Food or non -alcoholic beverages react with drugs

Drugs and alcoholic beverages interact

What should you do? Understand what interaction may happen. You can carefully read the adverse reaction label in the non -prescription drug (related information attached to the prescription drug), or check the special reminder of the drug with the medical staff. For example, the drug -nitroglycerin that treats angina pectoris should not be taken at the same time as erectile dysfunction (impotence) at the same time. For example, Wan Aike or Greek Pili, if it is used in a combination, a serious response will occur. There are also some drugs that should not be taken at the same time as wine, which may lead to coordinated disorder or amnesia.

If you are diagnosed with different doctors at the same time, please tell every doctor and additive you take. You can also consult the pharmacist related drug interaction.

Check the medicine taken with the doctor

It is planned to check the drugs taken at least once a year with your doctor to ensure which drugs need to be used and which can be stopped.

If a certain drug exceeds your budget, consult your doctor if you have cheaper and effective alternative drugs.

These tests can help you avoid drug interaction and reduce costs. KWeder said that sometimes, especially you have seen different doctors, these problems are easily overlooked, but she also said that there is no problem for medicine, there is no problem.

She mentioned, “As a society as a whole, we are more and more dependent on drugs to prolong our lives and improve our quality of life. This is the great success of Western medicine. Such a goal should allow everyone to help, but At the same time, it should be realized that taking medicine is a serious matter. In order to make better use of them, you must be careful when taking the medicine and follow the doctor’s advice. “

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