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The electronic temperature meter is not accurate. It is necessary to use mercury thermometer to be accurate?Tell you the truth

“If the baby is burned to the hospital, it is reported to the nurse’s body temperature. When the nurse heard the temperature gun, it is always not allowed.”

“The electronic thermometer is very troublesome when there is no electricity, and the thermometer of the mercury can be used at any time.”

… …

Recently, many netizens have fry the pan because the thermometer of mercury is about to be discontinued.

In fact, before, the World Health Organization called for reducing the use of mercury products, and the goal of reducing 70%of the demand for mercury -containing body thermometer and blood pressure meter in 2017.In October 2020, the China State Drug Administration issued a document demanding that China completely banned the production thermometer and blood pressure meter containing mercury in 2026.

1. The World Health Organization called for the stop of using mercury thermometers. What is it bad?

The advantage of mercury thermometer is accurate and intuitive. It is based on the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. It is transmitted through the glass medium. Metal substances can feel the tester’s body temperature and heated and expand. The corresponding mercury column length is the temperature of the tester.

What are the disadvantages of mercury body temperature meter?

1. Incade

As a “ancient” thermometer, although the temperature is more accurate, the hand of the mercury needs to be shaken by hand before using it to restore mercury.The font of the mercury thermometer is very small. When reading, it needs to be rotated, and it is very inconvenient to read.

2. Fragmentation to poisoning

The temperature of the mercury is calculated with the glass as the carrier, which is slightly careless and easy to break, and a standard mercury thermometer (including 1g of mercury). After the crushing, the mercury can evaporate, which can make a small space of 15 square meters.M3.If in a short period of time, inhalation of high concentration of mercury (greater than 1.0mg/m3) can cause acute mercury poisoning, and patients have manifestations of body weakness, dizziness and headache.

3. Pollution environment

Mercury has a very powerful destructive power for the natural environment.According to the “People’s Daily”, a standard mercury thermometer can pollute 360,000 tons of groundwater.If industrial enterprises are not standardized, mercury is discharged into air or water, causing environmental pollution, which will endanger humans.

2. Can electronic thermometers be as accurate as mercury thermometers?

One of the replacement of mercury body thermometers is modern electronic thermometer, but many people think that the data of electronic thermometers is not as accurate of traditional thermometers. This is really the case?

Medical electronic thermometer consists of a detector display module, prompt sound module, sensor, CPU control module, and power supply module.When in use, the thermal resistance placed at the top of the measurement part is used as a temperature sensing device. When the external temperature changes, the resistance value of the thermistor will change then. After the internal micro -processing, the conversion, processing, and correction willThe form is displayed on the display.

Will mercury body temperature compores more accurate than electronics?In this regard, Gao Wei, an emergency surgeon in the Beijing Miyun District Hospital, said that it is fake that mercury thermometer is more accurate than the electronic thermometer.In fact, there will be errors in the mercury thermometer, such as worn the size of the mercury thermometer, or the deviation of the angle of the observer, and affected by the light.

For electronic thermometers, the country actually has a set of standards.According to the “Medical Thermometer”, the maximum allowable error error of the electronic thermometer in the range of 35.3 ° C -41.0 ° C is ± 0.2 ° C. That is to say, the temperature error of the qualified medical electronic thermometer is only 0.2 ° C.

Considering the safety of mercury thermometers, using electronic thermometers instead can also get reliable results.

3. In addition to the thermometer of the electronic body, is there any other alternative?

In addition to the thermometer of the electronic body, there are still three types of thermometers on the market:

1. Tingxi body thermometer

Also known as mercury -free thermometer, this thermometer is not only environmentally friendly and non -toxic, but also inherits the accurate and stable of mercury thermometers.The thermometer of the tin tin also uses the “thermal expansion and contraction” of liquid metal metal to measure the temperature. Without being destroyed, the life cycle ensures that the life is accurate.

2. Ear temperature body thermometer

It is also called ear temperature gun. You need to straighten the ear canal during measurement, so it is not recommended to use infants and young children.The operating environment of the ear thermometer should be 16 ° C ~ 35 ° C. The measurement accuracy mainly depends on the ability of infrared beam to reach the tympanic membrane.

3. End temperature body thermometer

Similar to the ear temperature gun, it also uses the thermal radiation intensity of infrared bands to determine temperature changes.It does not need to straighten the ear canal, and the temperature can be read on the forehead, which is not easy to cross infection.

Fourth, mercury thermometer accidentally shattered, how to deal with it correctly?

The accidental bumps destroy the thermometer of the mercury.

1. Carefully collect

Once the mercury is broken, the wet cotton swab or tape is used to glue the sprinkled mercury and put it in the seal bottle. You can add a small amount of water to the bottle to avoid the evaporation of mercury.

2. Proper use of sulfur powder

For mercury that cannot be completely collected, sulfur powder can be sprinkled to reduce water and silver toxicity.If you have sulfur soap on hand, you can also throw sulfur soap powder in time.

3. Discard classification

The collection of mercury should be pasted in the bottle body, and the “broken body thermometer” logo should be pasted and put in the harmful trash box to wait for recycling.

4, ventilation

Use ventilation devices to accelerate the evaporation of mercury in the air.For mercury pollution rooms, iodine and alcohol can be used to ignite fumigation.

In order to avoid accidentally damaging the thermometer, it should be kept properly in daily life. The thermometer is best placed where infants and young children cannot contact to avoid high -temperature environment storage.When purchasing the thermometer, it is generally equipped with a plastic shell protective cover. The inside of the protective cover will have a card slot, which can play a cushion.Therefore, the complete thermometer should be put back into the protective cover immediately to avoid cracking.There is no need to be too anxious for friends who can’t buy the thermometer. If you really fever, you can also explore the temperature through the human body. Dizziness and other discomfort can be cooled in time.During the special period, we should pay attention to dressed, wearing masks, reducing dense places in and out, and the first person to be responsible for your own health.

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