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“The feet are cold” to be alert to suffering from diabetes

Diabetic foot disease also causes serious harm to people, so we must control the treatment of this disease in time. First of all, we must understand the symptoms of diabetic foot disease.

1. Memoral dysfunction manifestations: The main disorder of the limbs is the main disorder, and the lower limbs are more than the upper limbs. It feels abnormally abnormally appearing at the pain first, and more upward from the ends of the limbs. A numbness, ant -like, fever, fear of cold or electrical shot samples appear, and there is a “sock set”. One of the symptoms of foot disease.

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2. Symptoms of diabetic foot disease can also show the symptoms of limb ischemia: early patients often have cold limbs, cold or hot, numb, pain, and worsen during the cold season or night. Some patients first have intermittent clamoring, suggesting that large vascular lesions cause arechemia in the lower limbs. As the lesion progresses, the above symptoms gradually increase, and the distance between the lameness is gradually shortened. When the lesion develops and the lower limb ischemia is further aggravated, there will be static dysfunction, and the pain occurs mostly at the toe and the distal end of the toe. The pain is intensified during the rested rest, especially at night, affecting sleep. Due to the gravity effect of the lower limbs, the body’s blood flow increases, and the pain can be appropriately relieved. Therefore, many patients often compulse to sleep, leading to secondary edema of the lower limbs, and further aggravate the condition.

3. Infection: Diabetes patients provide favorable conditions for the pathological basis of microvascular lesions. Mild trauma (including scratches, cracks, extrusion, etc.) can become a way for bacterial invasion. Due to weak local defense function and neurological dysfunction, infection will spread rapidly along the muscle gap, and produce a large amount of pus and corruption tissue, forming a high -pressure syndrome of fascia cavity, and even bone development into osteomyelitis. Those with severe infection can cause systemic infection. Infection can aggravate local microvascular lesions, make the skin small vascular embolism and promote the rapid expansion of gangrene, and the two are the cause and effect. This is also another major factor in the amputation rate and mortality of diabetes.

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