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The finale of “Hidden Corner”, Pop did not die?Respiratory doctor online reasoning!

Recently, the domestic suspense drama “Hidden Corner” has become one of the popular topics after everyone’s tea.

In this drama, the most controversial is the ending of simple and cute eyes.

Did Pup die? Netizens discussed very violently.

After the occurrence of Poph’s asthma, Zhang Dongsheng dialed the first aid call, but hesitated when the address was reported, and then Pup never appeared again.

The police later said, “Yuepu found it.” Then the camera turned, and the police took pictures at Zhang Dongsheng’s father -in -law’s mother -in -law’s house.

So some netizens speculated that Pop’s ending was likely to die. Even after Lao Chen finished his brother Pup’s successful operation, Pop did not give the camera anymore.

In addition, the ending song of the ninth episode is called “Dead in the Rotating Apartment”. Netizens speculate that this is the metaphor of the screenwriter, suggesting that Pop is dead, but there is no excessive explanation and explanation in the main film.

Pop’s ending is confusing, but one thing is beyond doubt. Pup’s disease is the most important factor in determining her ending -asthma.

Below we speculate from the perspective of a respiratory doctor to speculate on the analysis of Pop’s ending. It is purely personal opinion. If you hold different opinions, welcome to discuss.

01 Popp’s asthma is strict?

In the first episode, Yan Liang and Pop secretly hid in a cargo vehicle. At that time, we could see that Pop was sitting on the carriage and panting hard. It can be seen that Pupu had short -term symptoms in a static state.

In addition, after running, the auxiliary respiratory muscle activity was more obvious.

Most of the patients with asthma are mild, can relieve or relieve it by themselves, Pupu asthma cannot be relieved by itself, and we can only rely on drug relief. Therefore, we have reason to judge Popp’s asthma. Essence

02 Asthma is severe, but it has never been regulated

Astronomy needs to be used in time, and it is necessary to perform standardized relief treatment when the condition is relieved to achieve the control of asthma.

After Pu and Yan Liang escaped from the welfare home, the two have been separated, wandering around, wind meals and sleeping, they did not go down after eating, and they did not even have a fake place. Come serious.

The guide attaches great importance to the treatment of asthma.

In the GINA guide, patients with acute risks are compared with the use of ICS/LABA fixed doses or high -dose ICS and on -demand SABA treatment. Significantly reduce asthma attacks and provide symptoms of similar levels (evidence level A). Medium -to -severe asthma patients can use ICS/LABA to maintain the relief scheme.

03 suffering from asthma, but in a dangerous allergic environment

Pop was sent to Zhang Dongsheng’s father -in -law’s house, and a yellow and white kitten was raised in the house. Cat hair was a very dangerous allergen for patients with asthma.

In the same room with cats, it is inevitable to contact cat hair. In addition, before the asthma attack, Pop went out to climb the stairs to chase the cat, severe exercise and cat hair stimulation. After the airway was stimulated Condition.

04 Zhang Dongsheng did not send Pop to the hospital for the first time, and missed the time of gold treatment

Zhang Dongsheng called an ambulance, but hesitated when the address was reported. Some netizens were successfully equipped with Pop and Xinxin in Lao Chen (whether this scene is unrealistic fairy tales to be discussed). At that time, Zhang Dongsheng really sent Pop to the hospital and received timely treatment.


Let’s observe a closer look at a little clue!

In order to find a medicine for Pup, Zhang Dongsheng turned Pupu’s schoolbags and dropped the ground.

When Yan Liang rushed back to the house, we could find that the floor of the house was very neat, which was very different from the previous scene.

If Zhang Dongsheng was anxious to send Pop to the hospital at the time, it was not necessary to have time and energy to clean up the house. Therefore, we have reason to speculate that Zhang Dongsheng did not send Pop to the hospital, and Pop missed the time of gold.

When the asthma is caused by asthma, if the bronchial spasm does not relieve it in a short time, it can quickly develop into respiratory failure and endanger life.

05 Will Zhang Dongsheng give Pupu medicine? The first aid came here?

When Pup was about to lose consciousness, Zhang Dongsheng found the glycamol gas fog and used medicine for Pop. Pup seemed to control the asthma by inhaling the inhalation of the sandytol, and slowed down.


Zhang Dongsheng made a fatal mistake!

The correct method of using the skeletal glycol qi fog should be shaken up and down with the qi mist, the bottle is facing up, and the pressure valve is pressed.

<!-2392: Respiratory terminal page

However, Zhang Dongsheng turned against it, and the bottle was facing down, and he did not press the top pressure valve at the top, which caused Pop to not inhale.

The director and the screenwriter leave everyone is an open ending. As long as it is well -founded, everyone can have their own outcome. The above are speculated by details. If there are different opinions, welcome to discuss.

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