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The first China Obstetrics and Gynecology Innovation Summit and the establishment of the I College were held in Chengdu

On September 10, IBABY, an Internet medical vertical mobile health platform, held the first China Obstetrics Education Innovation Summit and the establishment of the I College in Chengdu. This is another new movement in the vertical field of the mobile Internet obstetrics of the iBABY. It began to focus on the Internet’s obstetrics and gynecology and medical education. Mom and children. This means that IBABY has closer to the best mobile gynecological health service platform in the country.


The theme of this summit and the establishment of the I College is “Let Love Immediate Action”. It aims to consolidate the power of the industry, extend the academic of obstetrics and gynecology, cultivate more excellent obstetrics and gynecology experts, enhance the exchanges of obstetrics and gynecologists, and enhance obstetrics and medical education. Promote the construction of a team of obstetrics and gynecology. Wang Ling, deputy secretary -general of the Chinese Maternal and Child Health Association, and Ms. Huang Huijuan, deputy director of the Public Communication Department of the China Women’s Development Foundation, also attended the event. Professor Liu Xinghui of the Honorary Dean of the College, Professor Liu Xinghui, Director of the Obstetrics of the Second Hospital of Sichuan University, Professor Qi Hongbo, Honorary Dean of the Academy, Professor Qi Hongbo, Director of Obstetrics at the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, and professors from obstetrics and gynecologists from all over the country attended the summit. The future development of the industry and the students of the college have conducted in -depth exchanges.

At the meeting, Secretary -General Wang Ling said that today, in the rapid development of the Internet, IBABY provides a good re -learning platform for maternal and child workers. Since the establishment of the National Maternal and Child Health Association for more than 6 years, it has been committed to the healthy development of women and children, which coincides with the development concept of the IBABY development. She hopes that the two parties will strengthen cooperation between the two sides in the future and promote the development of women and children.


IBABY has proposed the first Internet medical bilateral education model in China. As the high -end continuing education project of IBABY, the I college integrates the top expert resources of the industry at home and abroad. The shortage of talents in the field of maternal and child health and medical services, deeply cultivate doctors’ education, shorten the training cycle, improve the work efficiency of doctors, and increase the inheritance of the subject.

The founder and CEO of IBABY and CEO Lu Guotao made a brief introduction to the establishment of the IBABY and i Academy at the meeting: “Realizing hierarchical treatment, especially the first clinic at the grassroots level, the Internet played an important role. IBABY proposed in the industry in the industry to propose Internet medical bilateral bilateral sides in the industry. Education system. It is based on the principle of prevention -oriented and therapy supplemented. By improving the patient’s health knowledge level and medical needs, it enhances the two -way education model of professional skills such as doctors. To the cycle. In the past three months, the college has established five high -end education training courses. Under the leadership of experts and professors such as Liu Xinghui, Qi Hongbo, Yao Qiang, etc., more than 1,000 cases have been discussed. , Make doctors easier to deal with clinical basic issues, and promote the exchanges and sharing of academic academics of obstetrics and gynecology. “


At the meeting, Mr. Lu Guotao, the founder of IBABY, and CEO, and Liu Xinghui, Qi Hongbo, Xu Xianming, Sun Lizhou, Zhang Hongyu, and Xiao Hong jointly launched the start of the I College. Will go further and further. Subsequently, Mr. Lu Guotao awarded the honorary dean to the representatives of the participants. At this point, the teachers of the I College were also more powerful, and provided a broader learning platform for doctors who needed more professional technology.


“Holding this China Obstetrics and Gynecological Innovation Summit is to unite the strength of the national maternity and gynecologists and strengthen the maternity and medical education education. It is to enhance the strength of the team of obstetrics and gynecologists, shorten the cultivation cycle of doctors, improve the efficiency of doctors, and improve the level of obstetrics and gynecologists. “Mr. Lu Guotao said.


At the summit site, the college initiated IBABY’s love of public welfare activities, attracting more authoritative experts to release public welfare forces, enhanced doctors’ personal influence, and jointly linked social resources through cross -industry and industry authoritative associations to pay attention to the health and safety of maternal and infants. At the same time, IBABY and China Women’s Development Foundation donated millions of supplies to more than 1,000 poor families in Sichuan and Yunnan areas, sprinkled the concept of IBABY love to each corner that needed help, and for helping more people get better Healthy guardianship.

Professor Liu Xinghui at the summit scene on the theme salon on the theme salon of the “two -child policy, the challenge faced by obstetrics and gynecologists” and Professor Qi Hongbo’s teacher and student meeting pushed the event to another climax. The two professors exchanged and interacted with students from all over the country.

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The trainees made their own words, and some students even choked several times, telling the stories that are moving with Ibaby and the professors to the guests. This also allows everyone present at the present to deeply understand that “the pragmatism of love” is not just a slogan, but the real support for those who need help.

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