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The four most harder behaviors of the liver, you may do it every day!

It is precisely because of the powerful regeneration function

The liver becomes an organ that keeps “young” forever

No matter how old you are

The liver will never exceed three years old

As you get older

Most of the organs of the human body will grow old

But a study of the authoritative journal “Cell Systems” found

The aging of life does not affect the update of liver cells

No matter how old the person is in

The average age of the liver is about three years old

The conclusion is obtained by the German regeneration treatment center

It was found after analyzing a number of people who died in 20 to 84 years old.

The age of all deceased liver cells is almost the same

No more than 3 years

research shows

It is the constant alternation of liver cells

Support the liver quality

Even if the human body is aging

The liver can still maintain the various life activities of the human body normally

The liver is the largest metabolic organ of the human body

An adult liver weight can reach 1.5 kg

Similar to a bottle of 1.5 -liter fat house, happy water

And it is huge

There are more than 500 functions

The most common and most important of which are the following 3:

1. Detoxification

The body’s metabolism and foreign toxin

Everyone must be detoxified by the liver

As a result, it becomes non -toxic or dissolved

Gathering with urine

Out of the body

2. Secret bile

Bile secreted by liver cells

Transport to the gallbladder via the bile duct

Elementary into the small intestine through concentration

Help the body absorb and digest

3. Metabolism

Liver can metabolize and synthesize various nutrients

Such as fat, sugar, vitamins, protein, etc.

Maintain the normal metabolism of the body

Don’t look at the liver very powerful

It is also one of the most injured organs in the human body

Conservative data estimation

Global liver patients have more than 700 million

Among them, more than 400 million patients with chronic liver disease

2 million people die every year due to liver disease

1. Alcoholism

Excessive drinking will reduce liver purification ability

As a result, toxins in the body increase

This can induce liver injury

Including alcoholic fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc.

2. Abuse medicine

Long -term medication can also hurt the liver

The metabolism of the drug needs to pass through the liver

And abuse some anti -cold, antiviral,

Anti -depression, hyperthyroidism and other drugs

Can cause medicinal liver damage

Severe can cause liver overshadowing


The medication must be strictly obeyed by the doctor’s order

3. High -fat, high sugar diet

The human body needs to eat meat to supplement multiple nutrients

But if the meal is big fish and big meat

It is also a burden on the liver

Human intake of protein and fat

All need liver decomposition and metabolism

If fat accumulates in the liver

It may also induce fatty liver


Sugar also requires liver metabolism

High -sugar diet can lead to increased levels of triglyceride in the liver

Insulin resistance enhancement

Seductive fatty liver

4. Eat moldy food

Some foods seem to be lossless on the surface

But smell a smell

Or eat bitterness

These are all kinds of deterioration and moldy

Although the naked eye is the same


Direct destruction of hepatocytes on liver cells

Long -term intake

It will undoubtedly increase the possibility of suffering from liver cancer

In most instances

The liver tolerance is very strong

Even if you are injured

Generally there are not particularly obvious symptoms

Often make people relax and be vigilant

But we usher in more serious consequences

But liver damage is not achieved overnight

Before it “deteriorated”

In fact, it will send a signs of help from humans

Therefore, when the body changes these changes

It should be vigilant:

1. Easy fatigue

If you often feel tired

Especially after sufficient sleep

I still feel tired

Unable to lift

It is necessary to prevent the effect of liver disease

There is a typical manifestation of liver damage

Calling “liver fatigue”

Affected by liver metabolism

Patients can show fatigue and weakness

2. Spider mole, liver palm

Spider moles and liver palms appear in the body

Is a typical manifestation of liver disease

As the name suggests

Spider mole appears on the skin

A red vascular mole like a spider

The liver palm is manifested as the root of the thumb and little finger

“Big Fish Intergees” and “Little Fish Intergetic” are red

Pressing with your hand will fade and turn white

3. Lisal appetite

The liver is responsible for decomposing bile

Help the human body digest and absorb

When the liver is damaged

It will cause gastrointestinal digestive function to weaken

This affects our appetite

Patients will slowly cause food

4, jaundice


Generally due to the bilirubin concentration in the blood too high

It can usually be dyed with scleral, mucous membranes, skin and other tissues

It looks like a “little yellow man”

When there is a problem with the liver

Seriously affect bilirubin metabolism

It will cause body jaundice performance

Although the liver can tolerate

But it cannot withstand the continuous “work”

If there are symptoms, check in time


Checking liver disease mainly uses blood tests and B -ultrasound

Ordinary people can do it

Hepatitis B quantitative, liver function,

Hepatitis C virus antibody examination and B -ultrasound examination

once a year

Liver health

Be sure to maintain and maintain in advance

Don’t wait until the liver is scarred

Come and regret it too late

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