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The four most “hurt waist” movements, men and women kill!

Back pain is very stubborn, and many people have experienced torture by back pain.


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In fact, some bad postures and actions in life will cause too much waist load. Over time, symptoms occur.

After many people go to the hospital for treatment, the symptoms will improve significantly, but after the treatment is over, they do not follow the guidance of doctors and therapists.

Because the wrong movement continues to exist, the waist is still “injured”, so the back pain is always repeated.

Therefore, daily life avoids injury to the waist errors, the core muscle group is stable, and low back pain will stay away from you.

So, which movements are the most hurt? Ou Haining, the Division of the Fifth Hospital of Guangyi Hospital, introduced several common wrong actions.

1. Move heavy objects


Correct posture: try to get closer to the body as much as possible, flex the hip and knee, and make the overall force

Wrong posture: directly bend over to move heavy objects

2. Get up and get up


Correct movement: get up sideways

Error movement: stand up directly

3. Wrong sitting posture


Correct posture: straight upper body, abdomen, if there is a back chair, try to close the back of the chair as much as possible

Error posture: leaning forward, or sitting on the leg

4. Squats do housework


Correct posture: One front and back, you can replace the front and rear feet for a long time, and get up and stretch your waist

Error posture: squatting with both feet flat

Practice the core muscle group to return you a good waist

In addition to maintaining the correct posture, the exercise of the core muscle group cannot be lacking. Bridge movement is a good way to exercise.


↑ Side bridge exercise: each group in 10 seconds, each group of 3 groups, mainly to exercise the waist muscles, be careful not to hold your breath.


↑ Arch bridge exercise: each group in 10 seconds, each group of 3 groups, mainly exercise the back of the waist, hip muscles, be careful not to hold your breath.

For low back pain, the significance of exercise and prevention is more prominent than treatment. Mastering the correct motion mode and posture, low back pain will also be drifting away from you.

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