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The four places of the baby should not be too clean, a little lazy and better

In the process of taking care of the child, we must clean the children cleanly and avoid the invasion of bacteria to protect the child’s health. It is definitely not wrong to take a bath and talk about hygiene, but sometimes it cannot be too clean. Like these four places, don’t be too frequent, otherwise it is easy to hurt children.

[Don’t dig your child often]

The child’s nasal cavity is very short, the nasal hair is not fully developed, the nasal mucosa is very fragile. If the nostrils are often dug, it is easy to destroy the integrity of the mucous membrane, which causes the child to produce more boost, and it is easy to runny nose and nosebleeds.

[Don’t give your child your ears]

Children’s ears do not need to clean up frequently, but can block foreign substances such as microorganisms, small bugs and water. When everyone speaks and chew, the earwax can be discharged automatically. Children’s ear canal is relatively narrow and the skin is very delicate. Frequent ears can easily cause ear canal inflammation.

[Don’t pick up milk for your children]

When the child was born, he wiped a layer of dark things on his head. This is milk. The milk scalp is produced by the scalp of the baby’s scalp, but it is not recommended to wash off the child forcibly. Children’s hair is soft and rare, and the skin of the head is very fragile. It is easy to break the scalp and even cause infection to force the child to clean up the milk.

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[Don’t clean up private parts]

It is very conducive to cleaning the child every day to clean the buttocks. Some parents are like cleanliness. Even if the child urinates once, it is necessary to wash the buttocks for the child. This approach will not only effectively care for the health of the baby’s private parts, but it is easy to destroy the private environment. In fact, people’s private parts have an automatic cleaning function, which will also automatically secrete the substances that suppress bacteria. When cleaning the private parts, it is easy to clean up these substances, which will cause children to suffer from bacteria. So under normal circumstances, you can wash your child once or twice a day. However, it is recommended to clean it in time after the baby is stinky.

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