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The four steps that must be known for the medical examination of gynecology

Gynecological examinations are divided into gynecological examinations and related auxiliary examinations. Below, I will introduce the four steps that we must know about the medical examination of gynecology.

Step 1: The vulva examination

Normal vulva, the pubic hair is cutting downward, the triangle is distributed, the labia majora pigments are deep, the labia minora is reddish, there is no ulcer, dermatitis, hoods, and pigmentation in the perineal area. Breeding. The hymen of the married women has old cracks, and the maternal membranes and perineum have old cracks or perineum. Sometimes the doctor will instruct the patient to take a breath to observe whether the vaginal front and rear wall swelling, uterine prolapse or urinary incontinence are observed. If there is a lesion, doctors are mostly “married” or “producing” when describing descriptions. If there are abnormalities, they will record in detail.

Step 2: vaginal examination

The vaginal wall mucosa color is light powder, with fixture, no ulcer, hoe biology, cysts, vaginal partitions, and double vagina. Normal vaginal secretions are egg white -like or white paste, without fishy smell, small amount, but increased during ovulation and pregnancy. If there are abnormalities, the patient will have corresponding clinical symptoms, that is, local itching, burning sensation, etc. The doctor will record in detail and test it.

Step 3: Cervical examination

The normal cervix is ​​raised around and there are holes in the middle. The maternal is round, the mother -in -law is “one”, the quality is tough, the flesh is red, and the surface is smooth. If it is normal, it refers to light, quality, itching and pain. If abnormalities are found, it will describe the erosion points (light, medium, and none) in detail, the degree of cervical hypertrophy, and the size and location of the hoe.

Step 4: uterine and attachment examination

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The normal uterus is pouring pear -shaped, 7-8cm long, 4-5cm wide, 2 to 3cm thick, most of which are forward -to -forward flexion, medium hardness in texture, good activity. Ovarian and fallopian tubes are collectively referred to as “accessories”. Normal ovarian can expand to 3 × 2 × 1cm3 size, which can be moved and slightly sour. Normal tubes cannot be touched. If it is a “median” or “post -throne” uterus, there are no obvious symptoms and no major clinical.

Some people once said that men are the pillars of the family, but now women seem to be an indispensable object in the family. Women’s health is about the happiness of a family or even several families. Therefore, female friends must cherish their bodies. Go to the hospital regularly for a health check.

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