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The guy died suddenly after playing at high temperatures, these exercise habits or “murderers”!How does San Futian move scientifically?

On July 14, Hunan, Hunan, Hedong Xiangjiang scenery belt, and the young guy suddenly fell to the ground when he played. Despite the timely rescue and medical staff at the scene and medical personnel from 7 to 9 hours for nearly two hours, they were still unable to return to heaven.

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According to the staff at the scene, “The guy who fell to the ground was 20 years old and was a basketball coach in his community. From the afternoon to the evening, he won four or five groups in a row, so he had been on the court. After sitting on the court for a while, he was found to be confused and unclear. “

As a major cause of sudden dying in summer, most of the sudden exercise deaths are caused by exercise induced heart disease. Especially in high temperature environments, exercise will increase heart load, and miracles may occur or even sudden heart -derived death.

First, why did the guy dying suddenly?

There are two main reasons for motor sudden death:

1. The risk of basic diseases or diseases

For example, sudden death caused by heart problems (sudden cardiac death), which is the most common factor that causes sudden exercise death. It can be divided into a variety of diseases. Among them, coronary heart disease is the most common. Essence

2. There is no risk of basic diseases or diseases

If the overload exercise is beyond the tolerance of the heart cycle, it cannot meet the demand for blood oxygen, and the athlete is prone to heart failure, cerebral blood flow interruption, and thereby developing the disease. If you are overworked, if you do n’t have to exercise, you will be prone to sudden death during or after exercise.

The guy in the report has undergone a few hours of high -intensity exercise in high temperature environments. At this time, the load of the heart has reached the limit.

Second, drink ice water after exercise, or the fuse of sudden death!

According to relevant sources, the guy went to the store to buy ice water before the sudden death, and the consciousness was confused before returning to the field. But this bottle of ice water may be the fuse of sudden death.

When the exercise intensity is relatively large, the heart itself is running at a high speed, and the heart is in a relatively high load state. At this time, if you drink a lot of ice water and cold water, it will stimulate the fine blood vessel contraction, increase the resistance of peripheral blood vessels, and increase the heart at the same time. The load is easy to induce some heart diseases and cause sudden death.

In addition, the neurocarnic metabolism after exercise is hyperactive, in a state of high metabolism, and people with high metabolic status have high requirements for the heart. In order to meet the metabolism of the organs, the heart is required to provide more blood supply. In the case of metabolism, consume a large amount of cold water, which will stimulate the contraction of gastrointestinal vascular vascular, causing spasm in the gastric and intestinal cavity to increase heart load.

How to scientifically protect and exercise scientific protection?

1. Avoid sweltering, high temperature weather

It is recommended not to exercise when the sky is empty or the weather is sultry, because strong ultraviolet rays will burn the skin and affect the eyes. It is generally recommended to do indoor exercises in a better indoor ventilation when the temperature is slightly reduced in the morning and evening.

2. Choose the right summer sports project

① Walking: Suitable for flat pressure on the knee and ankle joints, suitable for elderly people, weak people, severe obese people and other people;

② Yoga: The stretching, reversing and deep rest and relaxation of various postures can massage the organs in the body and keep it in a balanced state.

③ Swimming: Do not swim in unfamiliar waters, but in places where natural waters or environmental conditions are more complicated, avoid launching and prevent accidents.

In addition, pay attention to controlling efforts to prevent injuries. Do warm -up activities before exercise can improve the excitement, response and confrontation ability of muscle tissue, and to a certain extent to reduce the risk of joint dislocation.

3. Scientific replenishment of moisture

After exercise, it is in a state of high metabolism. At this time, you need to pay attention to four points when drinking water:

① The temperature of water intake is appropriate, preferably warm water, do not stimulate blood vessels;

② Drink water slowly; you cannot immediately consume a lot of water. It is recommended to restore the arrhythmia to normal level by walking slowly, and then supplement the appropriate amount of water.

③ Do not quantity too large, you can take about 200 ml each time, and gradually add. If the amount of exercise is really large, you can add some salt (sodium chloride) moisture or drink.

④ Drink carbonate drinks with caution. After exercise, the human body will metabolize a large amount of lactic acid. Carbonated drinks are also acidic. It will increase the speed of lactic acid accumulation, making it easier for people to feel fatigue. In addition, drinking carbonated drinks after exercise is also a irritation to the stomach and intestines, which can easily induce gastrointestinal discomfort.

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4. Avoid taking a bath immediately after exercise

After exercise, the capillaries in the skin are expanding, and the metabolism of each organ is accelerated. At this time, if you cool down immediately, it will cause sudden contraction of blood vessels and blood pressure. Take a warm water and get dressed in time.

In the end, young people who love sports should avoid excessive exercise during exercise, so that the body is too fatigue, or muscle pain and loss of appetite after exercise should be stopped in time to allow the body to get rest.

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