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The hazard of mobile phone radiation Inventory of the three major hazards of mobile phone radiation


Think about the current modern people, who can endure life without mobile phones, it can be said that there is no life without a mobile phone. However, the harm of mobile phone radiation has noticed it. Experts said that mobile phone radiation will lead to various health problems of the human body, even a big killer of human health. The radiation hazards of mobile phones should attract great attention from all walks of life. There is no doubt that the harm of mobile phone radiation cannot be ignored. The harm of mobile phone radiation is as follows:

1. Harm brain health

People who often use mobile phones, mobile phone radiation will double the risk of cancer in the brain compared to ordinary people. Experts even believe that excessive use of mobile phones is more harmful to healthy than smoking. In life, it is found that among those who have used mobile phones for more than ten years, the risk of brain cancer has doubled compared to people who rarely use mobile phones. In addition, in addition to radiation hazards, often using mobile phones can cause the brain to be tight, more likely to get brain and merit, and even lead to dementia. The survey report shows that two minutes of radiation will weaken the protection function of the system in the human brain, which provides opportunities for harmful protein and toxins to enter the brain. In this case, the risk of dementia and Parkinson’s disease will increase a lot.

2. Harmly ear health

When calling, the mobile phone is more harmful to the human body, and the radiation is relatively strong. It is very serious to speak for more than an hour on the phone for more than an hour on the phone, and even hearing obstacles or ear canal pain will occur. When calling, the radiation of electromagnetic waves is long. In order to prevent this radiation from damage to the ears, we must learn to control the time of calling every day. It is recommended that the call time is within half an hour. In addition, it is too frequent to answer calls to cause cataract, so the frequency of calls must be learned.

3. Mobile phone radiation affects human endocrine and reproductive system

Women often send their mobile phones on their chests or cross -ups will affect women’s endocrine. Experts remind young women that hanging mobile phones on their chest will not only affect heart function, but also pay attention to endocrine disorders caused by radiation. Mobile phone radiation will also weaken men’s fertility. Using mobile phones for more than 4 hours a day will affect the number and quality of sperm, so male friends should pay attention.

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The above is the three major hazards of mobile phone radiation. I believe that many people have also experienced insomnia and headaches caused by mobile phone radiation. The electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone will stimulate the brain’s pressure system, keep people alerting and concentrated their brain nerves. In terms of extent, it will weaken. In fact, the harm of mobile phone radiation is not just that, so people should pay attention to using their mobile phones reasonably.

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