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The heat wave strikes a man to prevent “inflammation”

In the past week, extreme high temperature weather has appeared in the vast area of ​​north and south of China. Guangzhou has also encountered high -temperature heat waves since summer, making people can’t bear it.

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The continuous high temperature weather makes people lose appetite, lack of rest, and the immunity has decreased sharply. Many male friends often go out to travel or entertain because they do not pay attention to personal hygiene and work hardships, and have irregular life.

Those who have more sedentary and entertain must be careful

Men who have been sitting for a long time because of work, and men who often entertain abroad should pay special attention. Because this group of people is the high incidence of male infections.

According to experts, the office workers who often stay up late and work overtime and not up for several hours are very likely to produce prostatitis. When people are sitting, the prostate is squeezed, excessive blood and swelling, and the resistance of the pathogen of the disease is reduced. Causes infection. Similarly, driver friends have to be careful. Some drivers and friends have the habit of urination. This is even more difficult, which can easily cause urogenital infections such as chronic prostatitis, orchitis, and urethritis, causing infertility.

The other is those men who often have entertainment, such as public relations, sales staff, and so on. In order to make the work performance better, they often put their health behind their heads, often smoke a lot, and also accompany customers to drink. It should be known that smoke and alcohol can not only reduce the survival rate of sperm, but also tobacco and alcohol can also stimulate organs such as prostate, which will cause reproductive infections and affect men’s fertility function. Therefore, often sitting for a long time, excessive tobacco and alcohol, and what other men who like to eat spicy food should adjust their living habits appropriately, so as not to get infected with orrology and leave opportunities for male infertility.

Men should not ignore the “minor illness”

Urinary reproductive infection is a “minor disease” that is both tortured and difficult to open up in the eyes of many male friends. It is said that the “small disease” is because the symptoms are not easy to be discovered by outsiders, and they can still hold their teeth, but in fact the disease is not “small” because it has seriously threatened the physical and mental health of men, and it is easy to recur on. As a result, some patients believe that it is difficult to cure, and it is pessimistic and disappointed, treats negatively, and even loses confidence in treatment.

According to experts from Guangzhou Men’s Hospital, the infection of male urology system can affect the normal physiological function of the urinary tract, sex gland, accessories, and external genitals to varying degrees. , Fatigue, dizziness, dreams, durable, too fast time, etc.

However, most of the influence is temporary. Generally, after the infection is controlled, the physiological function can gradually recover. Urinary reproductive infection often causes orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, etc., which directly affects sperm vitality, causing no seizure, low sperm, low sperm vitality and high deformity rate, which leads to male infertility; In addition, urological infections can also reduce physical immunity, increase the mental stress of patients, and induce other diseases.

Reproductive infections are harmful. After marriage, young men to maintain a normal intimate life, maintain a harmonious husband and wife relationship, prevent physiological dysfunction and infertility. It is very important to attach importance to and prevent and treat reproductive organs infection.

Therefore, experts suggest that if there are symptoms of infection, professional examination and treatment must be performed to prevent post -troubles.

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Scientific and standardized treatment is particular

The treatment at the beginning of the onset was irregular, blindly used medication and destroyed the internal environment, causing bacterial resistance; the condition was repeated, resulting in decline in immunity and difficulty in treating treatment. Some special bacteria infections have also complicated the treatment of this disease. To be treated properly, the source must be contained. The sooner the urogenital infection, the more conducive to the improvement of the disease as soon as possible, but the early treatment does not mean random treatment. Clinically, the first treatment of improper treatment is the main cause of Yueyue. Therefore, it attaches importance to the first treatment, selects a professional hospital for scientific and standardized treatment, and adheres to the entire course of treatment, which is conducive to the early recovery of health. Scientific therapy is the key to treating urogenital infection diseases. For the treatment of this disease, the treatment of the disease must not only cure surface diseases, but also to cure the internal etiology. Starting from recovery and adjusting the body’s immune function, in strict accordance with the disease spread and inner inner inner inner internal inflammation and inner disease The pathogenic factors are comprehensive, comprehensive, and systematically treated in order to cope with the problem of recurrence of urogenital infection.

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Timely: The optimal treatment period for most urogenital infection is the initial stage after infection. Patients have a manifestation of urethral discomfort, slight redness, and increased urethral secretions. At this time, most of the pathogenic microorganisms only stay on the surface of the organs. Treatment of scientific systems in time can eliminate the disease in the bud state.

Specifications: Go to a professional hospital for standardized examination, clarify the pathogen, and treat symptomatic treatment according to the severity of the disease. In terms of treatment, professional hospitals have broken through the limitations of the traditional treatment model, tracked hidden lesions from the source, and formulated personalized diagnosis and treatment plans according to the patient’s condition. Scientific and rigorous.

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