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The higher the triglyceride-glucose index, the higher the risk of arteriosclerosis!

It is reported that the triglyceride-glucose (TYG) index is a simple alternative indicator of insulin resistance, which is related to arteriosclerosis. However, past studies are restricted by cross -section design. The purpose of this research is to explore the vertical correlation between the Tyg index and the progress of arteriosclerosis.

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6028 subjects were extracted from Kailuan Studies. The TYG index is calculated as LN (an empty stomach triglyceride [mg/dl] × an empty stomach blood glucose [mg/dl]/2). Use arm ankle pulse wave speed (BAPWV) to measure arterial rigidity. Evaluate the progress of arteriosclerosis by repeatedly measure the annual growth rate of BAPWV. The multi -linear regression model is estimated to be associated with the horizontal section of the BAPWV, and the vertical correlation between the COX ratio risk model to study the TYG index and arteriosclerosis risk.

Multiple linear regression analysis shows that each unit of TYG index is added, the baseline BAPWV will increase 39 cm/s (95%CI 29-48 CM/s, P <0.001), the annual growth rate of BAPWV increases by 0.29%/year (year 95%CI 0.17-0.42%/year). A total of 883 arteriosclerosis cases occurred in the 26,839 people who followed up. The arteriosclerosis risk of the TYG index with a maximum quarter of the titer is 58%higher than that of the Tyg index (HR 1.58; 95%CI 1.25-2.01, P <0.001). In addition, the three -sample analysis of limited either sample shows that there is a significant dose reaction relationship between the TYG index and arteriosclerosis risk (P = 0.005).

In summary, the risk of arteriosclerosis with higher TYG indexes is higher. High TYG indexes should pay attention to the risk of arteriosclerosis progress in order to adjust the lifestyle and perform corresponding intervention treatment.

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Primitive source:

Wu, S., XU, L., Wu, M. Et Al. Association Between Triglyceride-Glucose INDEX and RISK of Arterial 10.1186/s12933-021-01342-2

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