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The huge young “super man” is not a good thing

Nie Junying, a 28 -year -old nursing nurse in Xiangtan Pharmacy, did not expect that he had a 5.25 kg of fat boy. At present, the mother and son are healthy. According to the baby’s weight standard, more than 4 kg of babies are huge children, but it is no longer a new thing. The reporter learned from a number of hospitals in Changsha Maternal and Child Health Hospital and other cities that the birth percentage of the huge child in our city has increased year by year. Obstetricians can’t help but sigh that baby weight standards have to be changed?

Attract everyone to watch

Yesterday morning, the reporter saw this small “super man” sleeping on the bed in the obstetric ward of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital. The small face was fat and his arms were a lot thicker than the average newborn. Because of the big, he “meal” is not small: you have to feed glucose water and milk every 2 hours. The milk can drink twenty or thirty mls at a time. “Such a heavy newborn is too rare …” The news spread immediately in the hospital. Many patients and family members came to see the fat boy. This giant baby suddenly became a “focus character.”

At about 4 pm on February 22, Nie Junying, who was more than 39 weeks pregnant, had an early breakdown of the fetal membrane and then performed a cesarean section. The moment the child’s head came out, he still looked at the doctors. “The face looks particularly loud, and the crying sounds are particularly lighter. I hold it in my hand to estimate more than 4 kg.” The nursing nurse said that the weight of the weight was 5.25 kg and the length was 54 cm. The score is also above 9 points.

It’s not a good thing

“Generally, more than 4 kg of newborns are called huge children. At present, more than 4 kg of babies are not rare, but more than 5 kg is still relatively rare.” According to Cai Min, director of the obstetrics and deputy chief physicians of the hospital, generally Newborns weigh from 3 kg to 3.5 kg. It is the most ideal. If weighing more than 4 kg, it will bring production risk. In addition, the probability of giant children’s diabetes and hypertension is higher than that of normal weight.

“In the past, if there were more than 4 kg of sons, it was definitely a nearby news.” Cai Min said, but now it will be huge for every time. If there is no more than 5 kg, it will not feel like news. I used to tell pregnant women that they should supplement nutrition during pregnancy, and now they have to tell them that they should pay attention to “weight loss”.

Can the baby’s weight standard change?

Data show that in recent years, the huge birth rate of the city has increased year by year. There were 81 huge children born in 2009 alone in the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, which increased to 117 last year. In January of this year, there were 19 huge children “landing”.

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Regarding the increase of huge children year by year, Cai Min also believes that the children born today are mostly post -80s, and the post -80s living conditions are better. Essence

In response to this situation, many medical experts said that the weight of infant weight in my country is still 20 years ago. This is out of touch with the status quo. Baby weight standards may be changed. For how to change the standard, experts believe that the newborn information can be summarized and a scientific average.

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