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The importance of male reproductive health examination

With the development of society and the acceleration of industrialization, factors such as work pressure, environmental pollution, and sexually transmitted diseases have led to a decline in men’s “sowing” capabilities.

Related information shows that the proportion of sperm abnormal sperm at school today is quite amazing. Some older men believe that in the past, her girlfriend was pregnant, and her own fertility must be very good.

It is not possible to prove that they have no problem because of the previous fertility. In fact, many men have reduced sperm, low survival, and insufficient vitality. It can be imagined that such semen is not only good for eugenics, but not even easy to get pregnant. If there are no serious problems such as congenital development, it is often easier to achieve effect in time.

In addition, certain sexual transmission diseases can be inherited to the next generation. Male friends to cure related diseases before giving birth to health are also vital to childbearing health babies.

Under normal circumstances, the cause of infertility through the following examinations, such as semen examination; reproductive endocrine hormone measurement; special examination, including chromosomal analysis, immunology examination, vasal pipe radiography, and testicular biopsy.

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Usually young sperm, weak sperm, immune infertility, infectious infertility, as long as the treatment and symptomatic treatment are combined to promote testicular sperm function, maintain smooth vasters, and improve sperm function. Most of them can improve male reproductive reproduction. Ability to achieve fertility.

In addition, in men, varicocele varicose veins are more common in infertility and can achieve fertility through surgical treatment. As far as the treatment effect is concerned, both doctors and patients cannot be in a hurry, because the spermatogenesis cycle of a person is 74 days, and the drugs that improve the spermatogenesis should be maintained at least 3 months. Generally speaking, semen quality is 7 to 9 after treatment. The moon can be significantly improved.

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