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The Japanese rarely eat mutton, but the Chinese like to eat in winter. Where is the problem?

In the cold winter, a kind of food is loved by many people, but some people hate it very much, that is lamb. Some people think that eating some lamb in winter can play a good nourishing role and can drive cold and keep warm.

However, some people can’t stand the smell of mutton, so they are afraid to avoid lamb. Lamb is a food with high nutritional value. Many people eat every cold winter. So how much do you know about lamb?

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Lamb is highly sought after in winter. Where does it win?

Every winter, mutton is sought after in my country, lamb soup, lamb hot pot, grilled lamb skewers, etc., various ways of eating are endless. However, there is a strange phenomenon that the Japanese rarely eat mutton. Why?

In fact, the recognition and popularity of mutton in Japan are relatively low. Because Japan’s land area is small, sheep to raise her sheep requires grassland, but the grassland area of ​​Japan is smaller, so animals that want to raise grass cannot naturally be too developed.

Coupled with the process of breeding sheep, it is also a wave of twists and turns, because compared to beef, the status of sheep is disadvantaged. The size of the sheep is small, and the amount of meat is much lower than beef, which is far lower than beef.

In addition, after World War II, in order to quickly restore the economy and strong people, they highly respected beef, and mutton had to concession for beef, resulting in lamb without yield and naturally no food.

Why do lamb are popular in winter? On the one hand, the weather is cold in winter. The areas with more sheeps in my country are mainly in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qinghai and other provinces. These areas are very cold in winter. The physical function of the body will degenerate in winter. energy.

And lamb is rich in nutrition, which can not only nourish, but also play a role in protecting the cold. On the other hand, mutton is hot meat, which is more suitable for eating in winter, and can drive away the cold in the body.

It is said that eating mutton is good. What are the benefits of eating lamb?

Nourish the spleen and stomach

Lamb is warm, has the effects of nourishing yin, nourishing qi, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, and nourishing deficiency in warmth. It can be used to treat the cold, nausea, and physical lean body caused by chills caused by spleen and stomach deficiency.

Modern Chinese medicine believes that eating lamb properly can increase digestive enzymes, thereby protecting the stomach wall, helping digestion, and can also play wet and cold.

Nourish liver and kidney

According to the records in “Compendium of Materia Medica”, mutton has the effect of nourishing medium and nourishing kidney qi, and is also one of the common ingredients for the people in winter. It can be used to treat the back of the waist and knees caused by kidney yang deficiency and fear of cold.

Enhance physical fitness

The nutritional value of mutton is very high. Compared with pork, the cholesterol and fat content in mutton is less, but it is rich in protein and vitamins, zinc, iron, selenium, etc. It helps to improve the body’s immunity to improve the body’s immunity Essence

Nourish the body

The yang of the human body in the cold winter is usually hidden in the body, so it is prone to symptoms of cold hands and feet, poor blood circulation, and lambic is sweet and warm. Eating lamb in winter can help people resist the cold and nourish the body. It is a natural nourishing product for people in the body.

Although the nutritional value of mutton is high, these 5 kinds of people are afraid that there is no blessing

The nutritional value of mutton is very high, and there are many benefits to eating mutton, but lamb is not suitable for everyone. The following types of people are not suitable for mutton.

Hepatitis patient

Due to the warm sweetness of mutton, it is rich in fat and protein. If patients with hepatitis eat a lot of lamb, they cannot fully absorb and decompose nutrients in mutton, thereby aggravating the burden on the liver.

Body fever

Due to the dry winter climate and the heat of mutton, patients with body heat are prone to suffering, five upset heat, sore throat, irritability, red eyes, gum swelling and other symptoms. Not suitable for eating more mutton.

In addition, patients with external sensation are not suitable for eating mutton, otherwise it is easy to aggravate the development of the disease.


Children’s constitution is relatively easy to dry, and it is not suitable for eating a lot of lamb for tonic. If you want to eat, eat a small amount.

Gout patients

Patients with high uric acid gout should also eat less mutton, especially mutton hot pot, because lamb hot pot contains a large amount of purine, when a large amount of purine is absorbed by the human body, it will enter the blood circulation. Annial pain and other symptoms.

Early cold patient

Patients in the early stages of a cold should not eat lamb, because the nature of mutton is warm and has a great supplement. If patients eat too much lamb in the early stage of a cold, it is not good for the disease to diverge by the condition, and it is easy to cause a cold to heal.

Lamb soup is always stewed, the problem may be these 3 points

Speaking of a common way of eating lamb to mention is mutton soup, not only the soup is white, but also the nourishing effect is very good, but sometimes it will be found that lamb soup is always stewed. What is going on? It may be related to the following reasons:

No water

Before stewing mutton, you need to simmer the water, so that you can remove the blood and blood in the mutton. This stewed mutton soup is not only delicious, but also has a strong flavor and fishy smell, and the stewed soup is thick. It’s white again.

If there is no water or clean the blood foam, it will cause the blood foam to cook and decompose in the soup, causing the lamb soup to be not white.

Not enough time to cook

The texture of mutton is usually relatively tight, so it is best to cook the casserole for a while when boiling the lamb soup, so that the lamb soup will be whitening in this way. Clear widow, not white enough. Too many spices

Some people will put too much spices when stewed mutton soup. Although the spices have the effect of scent, it is easy to cover the original taste of the lamb. Multi -spices may make mutton soup a bit yellow.

If you want to stew the mutton soup, you must pay attention to the above points. Lamb must be enough water, put less spices, and cook enough time. In addition, in addition to putting lamb when cooking mutton soup, you should also put some lamb bones and bones. Sheep intestine, lamb belly, etc., the lamb soup that is not only rich, but also white.

How to eat mutton to be more nutritious?

There are many ways to do lamb, such as mutton hot pot, lamb soup, stewed mutton, lamb skewers, etc. So how to eat mutton more nutritious?

In fact, mutton stewing is the most nutritious way of eating, because after the lamb is stewed, it is more tender and rotten, it is easy to digest and absorb by the human body, and the effect of nourishing is better.

In addition, when stewing mutton, you can also add the appropriate Chinese medicine to play a complementary role and increase the efficiency, such as angelica, astragalus, wolfberry mutton soup, radish, etc. can be matched with mutton.

It should be noted that because of the warmth of lamb, a large amount of food or eating is easy to get angry, so you can match some cool vegetables when eating mutton, such as radish, cabbage, winter melon, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms Wait.

In addition, pay attention to the taboos of mutton and some foods. For example, do not consume lamb with vinegar, because vinegar contains a variety of organic acids, suitable for food with cold foods, but not suitable for warm lamb;

Do not eat lamb with tea at the same time. Lamb is rich in protein, and tea leaves contain a large amount of tannic acid. Both of them can easily produce tannic acid protein, which will slow down the peristalsis of the intestine and induce constipation. Pumpkin and mutton are warm foods, and it is easy to get angry together.

Winter is a season for eating mutton, but also learning to eat mutton correctly to nourish.

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