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The ketogenic diet can delay muscle aging

Muscle atrophy is the loss of muscle quality and function related to age. According to reports, the incidence of muscle reduction is ranging from 14%of people aged 65-69 to 50%of people over 80 years old. Muscle atrophy reduces the ability of the elderly’s daily life activities, leads to the loss of its ability and independence, and increases the risk of weakness, falling, illness, and death. At present, we do not understand the exact process and mechanism of the development of muscle atrophy.

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In existing studies, people have observed that the ketogenic diet (KD) can increase the life and muscle function of elderly mice. Recently, the researchers have further studied the impact of age growth, KD on the quality of skeletal muscle quality, and this role. Potential molecular mechanism.

The 12 -month -old mice were allocated to the control of the same heat or the KD diet group until 16 or 26 months old. At this time, the researchers collected skeletal muscles to evaluate their quality, form and biochemical characteristics. The results showed that at 26 months, the quality of skeletal muscle of the kd mice increased significantly. The result of the KD mouse is related to the transformation from IIB fiber to IIA fiber and a series of molecular parameters, including NMJ’s reshaping, mitochondrial organisms, increased markers of oxide metabolism and antioxidant capabilities, and inside Quality net (ER) stress, protein synthesis and protease activity decrease.

In general, the study shows that long -term KD has potential effects on reducing muscle atrophy. The KD diet preferentially retains oxidized muscle fibers and improves mitochondria and antioxidant capabilities. These adaptability may lead to a healthier cell environment, reduce oxidation and ER stress, and cause less protein turnover. These changes enable mice to better maintain muscle quality and function with age.

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