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The key part of the man is swollen, and he can’t give birth to a child!

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When the Qing Dynasty had not died, a bunch of husbands and wives could not have children, and we often thought it was a woman’s problem. Now, men have to come up with infertility.

One of the causes of male infertility is caused by the obstruction of the vollarization pipeline, because the possibility of male infertility will occur because the male radiation tube and the vasal tube will increase. The culprit of the ejaculation pipe block is the cyst of the ejaculation pipe.

Men, how much do you know about radio tube cysts

The ejaculation tube cyst, the ejaculation tube in the prostate part of the prostate area, has a septic obstruction, causing the expansion and expansion of the ejaculation tube, which leads to the formation of the cyst. The position of the cyst formation is connected to the vastered pipe, the posterior urethra and the seminal vesicles. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to the harm caused by the cyst of the ejaculation tube, it may lead to a dishonation phenomenon in men.

Most ejaculation tube cysts are congenital. This is caused by abnormal development of men’s body, but there are often secondary ejaculation tube cysts.

Why do you find me in a secondary ejaculation tube cyst?

This is a question that many men are difficult to open up. The deputy chief physician of Tianlong, deputy chief physician of the urology of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital of the Capital Medical University, responded to this. The cyst formed by the expansion of the tube is the secondary ejaculation tube cyst.

These abnormalities in semen suggest that the ejaculation tubular cyst

Most diseases have signs, and the ejaculation tube cyst is certainly not a special case. Director Tian Long reminded the male compatriots that the symptoms of ejaculation tube cysts are manifested in semen abnormalities. Because the semen of the seminal vesicles cannot be discharged normally, there will be a small amount of semen, low sperm, low pH value, and low fruit sugar. During the patient cyst of the patient’s ejaculation tube, a few capsules in the capsule will be quietly interspersed with fructose and some normal sperm, or even stones. If you do not pay attention, once the condition worsens, it will cause bleeding, evil changes, infection, etc., so as As a result, infertility, hemospermia, rectal discomfort, and reduced ejaculation volume appear. If the luck is not good, the cyst will also affect the level of the sperm, which will then compress the urethra and ejaculation tubes to congest the seminal vesicles.

Therefore, once a man finds a clues of the ejaculation tube cyst on his own, he must hurry up to check the check. After determining the diagnosis, the examination of the routine and the biochemical nuclear magnetism of the semen and the biochemistry of the sperm, so as to determine whether there are symptoms of radio tube cysts.

Is there a way to treat the ejaculation tube cyst? The answer is yes

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Director Tian Long introduced that currently a surgical treatment method is generally adopted for the cysts of ejaculation pipes, including TORED, cutting sperm tubes, or seminal cysts. At present, seminal cysts technology is a relatively leading treatment technology for our Chinese people. It mainly uses a very slender sperm and enters into the seminal vesicles by ejaculation tubes to treat ejaculation cysts.

In addition, patients can also perform a differential diagnosis before making seminal cysts to figure out whether they have the Miaolic cysts. Because the Miandic cyst is in the central part of the prostate. If a organ residual in the Miaol’s tube has a cystic change, then the cyst of the spermoscopic tubular cyst with semen can also be solved together.

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