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The key to the four fatty liver diets, “code” soon!

Many people disagree when they find that they are mild fatty liver. Some patients do not pay much attention, and some patients feel trouble in the hospital for treatment. The fatty liver is not treated and conditioned, and the condition of patients with fatty liver will naturally become more and more serious, and it will slowly develop from mild fatty liver to moderate fatty liver. Is moderate fatty liver serious? Let’s look down together!

What is moderate fatty liver? If patients reach the degree of moderate fatty liver, there will be some obvious symptoms, such as spider moles, liver enlarged, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. Fatty liver progress is moderate and must not be ignored!

On the one hand, patients with moderate fatty liver must be treated, otherwise it may cause the disease to continue to deteriorate or even irregular, and then threaten life. On the other hand, moderate fatty liver patients want to help the liver of the body to repair themselves, and they must pay more attention to “critical points” in the usual diet.

With fatty liver, you need to pay attention to the key points of four diet!

1. Limit fat and carbohydrates:

Moderate fatty liver patients usually have to control the intake of high -fat and high -calorie foods in their diet, so as to ensure that the body does not consume too much cholesterol and carbohydrates. If you don’t control these foods, the fat on the liver will be more and more, which is not conducive to the improvement of the condition.

2. Ensure enough vitamin intake:

After discovering that they are moderate fatty liver, they must also add vitamin intake in diet, such as eating more fresh vegetables and fruits with less sugar. This can supplement the body sufficient vitamins and be good for the body.

3. Control the total heat intake:

The total heat of daily intake of fatty liver patients should be fixed in a reasonable value. Only by controlling the total heat can it effectively help the liver to complete the metabolic work and not bring too much “burden” to the liver.

4. Pay attention to supplement protein:

We know that if you have enough protein in your body, you can protect the liver, and protein can self -repair and regenerate the damaged liver cells. Common high protein foods include bean products, lean meat, fish, shrimp, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk and many more.

Is moderate fatty liver serious? When the fatty liver reaches moderate, the patient cannot take it lightly. It is hoped that all patients with moderate fatty liver can pay attention to treatment, pay more attention to their diet, and arrange the usual diet strictly in accordance with the above requirements. After a period of time, fatty liver will gradually improve or even disappear. Good health is always the first place.

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