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The late period of cancer is too painful, can you ask for “euthanasia”?There is no time to face, how to face

The old saying is “better than life”, and love for life is almost everyone’s “instinct”.

However, for some cancer patients, long -term torture, death seems to have become a kind of liberation.

1. Host cancer host euthana and death documentary: just a few minutes from sober to death

1. Three -year pain in cancer, I want to leave with dignity

Fu Daren is a well -known sports anchor in Taiwan, China, and is famous for broadcasting the NBA events.In 2015, his body lit a red light. In two years, he entered and exited the hospital more than 30 times, and his weight dropped from 74kg to 42kg.

In 2017, he was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer.The pain of advanced cancer is incompetent for ordinary people.He has undergone multiple operations in three years, and the pain brought by the pain and treatment deeply tortured his body and mind.

The torture brought by the illness made him think of euthanasia. He decided to calmly die to death, say goodbye to the world, and leave with dignity.After Fu Daren’s death, his family announced his video of accepting euthanasia.

2. Drink poisons with your family’s company, only 4 minutes from awake to death

In June 2018, Fu Daren, accompanied by his family, performed euthanasia in Switzerland. In the face of the upcoming death, he seemed very calm, and even said goodbye to his family. The last sentence he said before taking the medicine was “goodbye”.

Fu Daren drinks a powerful anesthesia with sulfur spray sodium sodium. After drinking, he will enter deep sleep within 30 seconds until he comes with coma and respiratory paralysis and death.It only takes four minutes to stop beating from taking medicine to the heart.The medicine has a very obvious disadvantage. After the medication, the patient will have a strong stomach response. Before the medication, the patient needs to give the patient a cup of spitter first, and the medicine will not be used in half an hour.

The main part of the video released by the Fu Daren family is actually drinking antit vomiting agents. The antiaotic agent was very painful. He drank the antivirus 4 times.In the next 25 minutes, he did not cry, and spent the last time with his family’s company.In the end, less than 30 seconds after drinking anesthesia, he fell asleep deeply and fell to his son’s arms and gradually stopped breathing.

Euthana, it sounds strange and terrible. Drinking medicine and euthanasia is one of the main methods at present. Some experts even developed some alternative methods.

Second, alternative “eouther” method

1. Euthanasia: Painlessly died with one button without 30 seconds, and self -service

Australian scientist Philip Nitzk has developed an euthanasia. The patient lying in the warehouse and only need to click a button to end his life.After pressing the button, spray nitrogen, and the oxygen content in the cabin will drop from 21%to 1%within 30 seconds.After the oxygen content is reduced, people will be euthanized.

2. Passing the roller coaster euthanasia: turning around in 3 minutes, 7 times of rings cause brain death

Dr. Ubernas, the design department of Lithuania, designed an euthanasia roller coaster. The roller coaster acted for a total of 3 minutes. The first 2 minutes slowly climbed up. When the height rose to about 490 meters, the roller coaster would go at a very fast speed.Swiping down, entering the design of 7 large -scale rounds.

When driving on the loop, due to fast speed and large diameter of the loop, there will be strong centrifugal power.The blood of the whole body will not enter the brain with the bottom of the body. The brain will lack oxygen due to ischemia in a short period of time, and eventually stops working.

When crossing the roller coaster, there are also “regrets” to eat.The designer designed a button on the roller coaster. It took 2 minutes to reach the highest point. This process was enough to make people think about whether to continue.If you want to be euthanized, if you regret it, you don’t want to continue. Don’t press the button when you reach the highest point. The roller coaster will retreat to the original point by itself.Conversely, if you still want to die, you can press the button. After pressing the button, the roller coaster will start and start sprint.

Roller coaster euthanasia has not been applied because it involves ethical and morality and legal issues, and currently only exists in the stage of theory and art display.

Euthanasia has always been a point of debate. Some people think that patients with advanced cancer are too painful. Euthanasia is liberated for them, and some people feel that euthanasia is killing people.

Third, the late period of cancer is too painful.

The term euthanasia comes from Greek, referring to “beautiful death”.

At this stage, more and more people in my country agree with euthanasia.In 1997, the results of euthanasia conducted by the 378 Luzhou people showed that the proportion of not understanding/disliked was as high as 92.6%.In 2019, a 10 -day questionnaire survey was conducted through the Internet that the results of the 10 -day questionnaire showed that among the 1,391 people participating in the Q & A, the proportion of euthanasia reached 82.82%, and the proportion of objections accounted for only 4.31%.

Why did anyone oppose euthanasia?

1. The power of life is supreme

The power of life is supreme, which is sacred and inviolable.Unless the state organs are implemented through legal procedures and being performed by legal personnel, no one can deprive others of their lives on any reason.

2. Violation of traditional ethics

The life of euthanasia may end in advance, and the life that may be extended, conflict with traditional filial piety and family concepts.

3. It may become an excuse for doctors’ lazy treatment or even other people’s intentional homicide

Euthanasia may become an excuse for medical slackness, medical negligence, and abuse of medical rights, and even a means of “intentional homicide” for some people, bringing unnecessary life threats to patients at the end of the end.There are so many controversy in euthanasia, and it takes a long way to go.In the face of unbearable physical and mental torture in the advanced cancer patients, how should we be at the face of unbearable physical and mental torture?

Fourth, there is no time to get cancer, how should I face it?

1. Symptomatic treatment

The end of the cancer will be accompanied by complications such as infection, low fever, and loss of appetite. Patients should treat symptomatic treatment according to the symptoms of the body to avoid continuously decreased their body immunity and weaker and weaker.

2. Avoid excessive damage treatment

Many cancer patients in the final stage will have severe side effects after the treatment of chemotherapy, increasing the pain of patients.Patients at this stage do not need to be used for additional trauma.

3. Keep good emotions

For end -stage cancer patients, they must conduct psychological guidance and adjustment in time to allow patients to come out of fear, rejection, and despair, and face the disease with a positive attitude.

4. Meet emotional needs

The emotional support and companionship of family members can make patients feel warmth and affection in the ending stage, and must pay attention to the patient’s emotional needs.

There are many problems that need to be faced in the middle of euthanasia. At this stage, what we can do is to live every day in good life as much as possible.If unfortunately, at the end of the end, it is necessary to focus on improving the quality of life as much as possible, so as to make the pain you bear as little as possible.

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