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The little story that must be known to the child knows

Twenty classic small stories, each story contains a philosophy, these 20 small stories will benefit your children for life. If parents see, please tell your children and understand it with them!

1. Broken arrows —- I don’t believe in my will, and I will never be a general.

During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, a father fought against his son. His father had been a general, and his son was just a Ma Qian died. Another horn sounded, the drum was thunderous, and his father held up a arrow sac, which was inserted with an arrow. My father solemnly said to his son: “This is a family attack arrow with an endless power, but must not be pulled out.” It is an extremely exquisite arrow sac, thick cowhide, inlaid with faint bronze copper Bian’er, look at the arrow tail exposed. I can tell in a second that it is made of first rate peacock feather. The son was happy, and greedily pushed the appearance of the arrow pole and arrow. It seemed to pass by the arrow beside the ears, and the enemy’s coach responded to the horse. Sure enough, the son with treasure arrows was heroic and was invincible. When the horn of Mingjin’s troops sounded, the son could no longer stop the pride of victory, completely abandoning his father’s advice, and his strong desire drove him to pull out the treasure arrow, trying to see what happened. Suddenly he was stunned. A broken arrow, a broken arrow in the arrow sac.

I have been fighting only the arrows! My son was frightened and sweated, as if the house that lost his pillar instantly, and his will collapsed.

As a result, the son died in the chaos.

With the smoke of the smoke, his father picked the broken arrow and stunned heavily: “If you don’t believe in your will, you will never be a general.”

How stupid to pin the victory on a treasure arrow, and how dangerous when a person gives the core and handle of life to others! For example, pinching hope on the child; Strive on the unit …

Reminder: I am a arrow. If it wants it to be tough, if it wants it to be sharp, if it wants it to wear a hundred steps, it is a hundred times, to sharpen it, and to save it.

2. The value of life —- Do not let yesterday’s frustration make tomorrow’s dreams sad!

At a discussion, a famous speaker did not say a word of opening, but he held a $ 20 banknote in his hand.

Faced with 200 people in the conference room, he asked, “Who wants this $ 20?” He went on to say, “I plan to give you one of the $ 20 to you, but before that, please allow me to do one thing.” He said to knead the banknote into a ball, and then asked, “Who wants it? “Some people still raised their hands. He also said, “So what happens if I do this?” He threw the banknotes to the ground, stepped on one foot, and crushed it with his feet. After that, he picked up the banknote, and the banknotes had become dirty and wrinkled. “Who wants it now?” Someone raised his hand.

“Friends, you have taken a very meaningful lesson. No matter how I treat that banknote, you still want it, because it has not depreciated, it is still worth $ 20. On the road of life, we will be by ourselves countless times by ourselves. The decision or adversity knocking down, bullying, and even crushing bones. We feel that we seem to be worthless. But no matter what happens, or what is going to happen, in the eyes of God, you will never lose value. In his opinion, in his opinion , Dirty or clean, neat or not neatly dressed, you are still priceless. “

Reminder: The value of life does not rely on what we do, nor does it depend on the characters we make, but it depends on us! We are unique -never forget this!

3. Like your head to be so beautiful-don’t look at it as a black cow, the milk is as white as the milk.

Jenny is a little girl who always loves her head. She has always felt that she is not beautiful enough. One day, she went to the jewelry shop to buy a green bow. The owner kept praising her to put on the bow. Although Jenny did not believe it, she was very happy. She couldn’t help but let everyone look at it. I didn’t care. Jenny walked into the classroom and met her teacher on the face, “Jenny, you stand up to be beautiful!” The teacher patted her shoulder caressing.

That day, she was praised by many people. She thinks it must be the credit of the bow, but she can take a picture in front of the mirror. There is no bow at all. It must be lost with people when she is out of the decoration shop. Confidence was originally a kind of beauty, but many people lost a lot of happiness because they were too unexpected.

Reminder: Whether it is poverty or wealthy, whether it is like a fairy or a flat appearance, as long as you stand up, happiness will make you cute -the cuteness that everyone likes.

4. Draw a leaf for life-as long as you believe it, there will always be a miracle. Although it hopes that it is slim, it will always save the world.

The American writer Oh Henry told a story in his novel “The Last Leaf”: In the ward, a patient with a dying life saw a tree outside the window and fell down in the autumn wind. The patient looked at Xiao Xiao’s leaves in front of him, and his body was deteriorating every day. She said, “When the leaves are all out of light, I will die.” When an old painter learned, he drew a piece of leaf on the branches with a colorful pen. The last leaf never fell off. Just because of this green in life, the patient survived miraculously.

Reminder: There are many things in life, but there is no hope. Hope is an important value of human life. With hope, life is endless!

5. Flying spiders-belief is a kind of power that is not urgent. When you firmly believe that you can succeed, you will be able to succeed.

One day, I found that a black spider set up a large net between the two eaves of the backyard. Does the spider fly? Otherwise, from this eaves to that eaves, there is a feet wide in the middle. How did the first line pull over? Later, I found that the spider walked a lot of detours from a eaves, knotting knots, and knotting. Go down the wall, climb forward step by step, be careful, lift the tail, prevent the silk on the ground on the ground or other objects, walk across the open space, and then climb the other eaves. The height is almost the same. Task the silk, and so will be the case in the future.

Reminder: Spiders will not fly, but it can assign nets in the air. It is diligent, sensitive, silent, and tenacious insects. Its net system is delicate and regular, and it is open -shaped, as if getting God’s help. Such achievements make people can’t help but think of those who are silent and some wise people who are deeply hidden. So I remembered that the spider would not fly, but it still tied the net in the air. Miracles are caused by persistent people.

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