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The little wonderful recipe for the elderly’s psychological aging

Some people have even changed their personality: they have become narrow in interest, with self -centered, insufficient initiative, unwilling to change the status quo, stubbornness, and ordinary emotions. Coordination and so on.

However, the speed of this psychological aging is very slow, and the situation is different.

Psychological aging is not parallel to physical aging. Because human psychological aging is closely related to the brain, it is also related to many other factors, such as physical diseases, endocrine or metabolic diseases, infection poisoning, trauma, and personal psychological factors (including social environment, economic conditions, economic conditions, and economic conditions , Family relations, interpersonal relationships, cultural accomplishment) and so on. Therefore, psychological aging and physical aging do not happen at the same time, and the speed of psychological aging and physical aging is also different.

Under normal circumstances, the elderly’s physical aging speed is faster, while the psychological aging speed is slow. The changes in the appearance of the elderly (such as white hair, wrinkles on the skin, and old spots) are relatively obvious, and the change of psychological aging in appearance is relatively not obvious compared with the body aging.

Among the many factors that affect psychological aging, personal psychological characteristics and social psychological factors play a relatively large role. Because of this, it is possible to postpone psychological aging.

1. Maintain a positive mental state: Active mental state is mainly for enterprising mind, hope, ideals, etc., which is of great significance to prevent psychological aging and maintain psychological health.

A person can get aggressively, ideal, and full of hope and work, and he can be old and energetic. The elderly are best to face the reality, yearn for the future, look back less in the past, and watch more comedic programs, participate in some pleasant gatherings, “smile often, smile and always stay”, keep quiet and optimistic. People are wrong, avoid the old -fashioned autumn.

2. Multi -use brain, diligent thinking: The brain is the command of the organs of the human body. The aging of the brain will inevitably lead to the aging of each organs, and the brain has a significant impact on human knowledge, wisdom and thinking. Therefore, the elderly should use the brain more and think hard to keep brain cells and tissue organs from shrinking.

3、参加体育锻炼:体育锻炼不仅可以改善和加强老年人的生理功能,增强体质,增加抵抗疾病的能力,而且还可丰富晚年生活,增添生活乐趣,使精神振奋,心情愉快,提高信心,增强Actively and actively arrange the courage and interest of life in old age to enhance the psychological function of the elderly. However, the selection of physical exercise must be suitable for your physical condition, otherwise it will be more beneficial.

4. Handling interpersonal relationships: For the elderly, the most important interpersonal relationship is family relationship. In family life, family members should live in harmony and feel harmonious.

(Editor in charge: Teng Xiaolan)

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