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The man’s beard grows fast, what does it show?The frequency of scraping is high and the life span is short?Tell you the truth

some days ago

Uncle Jiu received a message in the background

You can feel the anger of this friend across the screen:

“The boyfriend’s beard is sparse,

And I prefer to be a beard (refer to Messi’s beard!),

Later I bought him a raw beard water,

But he was troublesome,

He also said that the beard is too fast for your body.

I’m so unhappy!

Seeking the science popularization!IntersectionIntersection”

According to Jiu Shu observation

There are really few men who stay in the country

Unlike the beard in European and American film and television dramas, it can be seen everywhere

Why don’t Chinese men like to leave beard?

Does it affect health?


Uncle Jiu will answer them one by one


Chinese men have the habit of staying beard

Everyone can find it when watching costume film and television dramas

Most of the male characters in the play have long or short beards

But to modern China

There are fewer men who have a beard

Why is there such a contrast?

First, it is affected by culture

There is a sentence in “Filial Sutra · Kaizong Mingyi”:

“The body is skin -skinned, and the parents who suffer, dare not destroy, the beginning of filial piety.”

The ancients were deeply influenced by this sentence

Therefore, it will not easily damage the hair and other hair

In addition, in different dynasties

People attach different importance to beard

for example:

The men in the Qin and Han dynasties advocated “Multi -Beard”

The Tang and Song dyed bearded


It is difficult for ancient people to shave.

at that time

People do not have a good shave beard tool and technology

It is usually difficult to scrape

Trume at most with scissors

If you really want to scrape the beard

That is also the patent of the nobles–

Create a razor with special materials

Please professional masters to operate

Time -spending

Until 1700

Benjamin in the UK through smelting technology

Created a sharp shaver material


Jacques from France invented a safety razor

Men can achieve “shaving freedom”!


Don’t shave = “Non -hygiene” and “greasy”


Men’s beard can show the breath and majesty

If you don’t leave a beard, you will even be joked

But from modern times

The rise of “sanitary movement”

People start to change some bad living habits

For example, drink raw water, do not brush your teeth, etc.

The bearded beard has also been crowned the names of “unhygienic” and “uncivilized”

In recent years

People’s aesthetics of men tend to a sense of youth and neutralization

The boys have a messy, unwavering beard

Easy to be regarded as “greasy”

Contrary to the Asian men with a beard

European and American men are becoming more and more popular with bearded


American Psychology Magazine published a survey

The results of the survey found

75%of American men think that staying beard will make themselves more confident

If you can have “perfect beard”

18%of people are willing to shave their hair

20%of people are willing to give up the life of a whole year

Even 40%of people are willing to sit for a day!


The “Perfect Beard” here refers to being taken care of

Therefore, it can be a bonus item for men

Rumor 1: It has nothing to do with beard and sexual power

After men enter adolescence

Second sex starting to develop

Start long beard

How much is the growth rate and number of beards?

Affected by androgen levels

But this is not the only decisive factor

Inheritance is also an important reason

As for sexual ability

Can’t be linked to the beard

Men’s sexual ability is subject

Whether it is sick, lifestyle, emotional status and other factors

Number of beards alone

Can’t judge that men “can”

Rumor 2: The frequency and life of the beard must not be connected

This statement comes from a study from the UK

The conclusion of the study is:

The frequency of shaving is low, the life span is short

But many people ignore

Researchers also give reminders:

There are defects in this research

Donary interference factor without exclusion

For example, participants have basic diseases, history of smoking, alcoholism, etc.


The conclusion of this survey is actually unreliable

Don’t scratch or scrape the wrong beard

Both may cause health problems

For example, excessive irritation of the skin, destroying the stratum corneum

Cause problems such as allergies, pigmentation, folliculitis, and horny rough

Want to scrape it correctly

May wish to refer to the American Dermatology Association

Step Suggestion of “Skin Nursing Guide”:

At last

According to the characteristics of the Asian beard relatively sparse

If you want to leave a beard

Nine uncle has the following modeling suggestions

See which one you are suitable for!

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