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The medical examination report urgently needs standardization

Cleaning and beautiful environment, delicious breakfast, comfortable medical examination, smiling staff … The service of the medical examination center is increasingly meticulous, but the physical examination reports are obviously not human. The descriptions are different, and the reference range of the normal value of the check data is not consistent. The only thing is that all the physical examination reports can be called “heavenly book” -the writing full of professional terms, Arabic abbreviations, making people a one head, making people a one head, which makes people one head. Mist.

The medical examination report “Eclete”

The reporter learned from the Meizhao Health Medical Examination Center, Huazhao Probiotics Health Management Institutions, and Ci Ming Sports Center that the formats of the health examination report issued by the three medical examination institutions are very different. Meizhao’s “Comprehensive Health Inspection Report” is a large -page report, while Huazhao Yisheng and Ciming’s Health Examination Report have 9 pages, and binding into a book.

Opening the medical examination reports of each family, the reporter found that Huazhao’s physical examination report was divided into three parts, namely the results of the health checklist, the abnormal tips of the health test, and the evaluation of the main examiner. During the physical examination, some of the exceptions were interpreted, and suggestions for going to the hospital for further examination and changing living habits were put forward.

The first page of Ciming’s medical examination report was to summarize the physical examination of the physical examination of the medical examination, and then the results of the physical examination one by one.

Meizhao divided the medical examination report into two parts: comprehensive health inspection report and life health promotion book. Because Meizhao mainly provides long -term member services, its comprehensive health inspection report not only shows the results of the examination of this medical examination, but also the previous previous examinations, but also the previous medical examination. The results of the two medical examinations are compared, while the health promotion books are mainly provided from the perspective of diet and nutrition.

The reporter carefully compared the medical examination reports of several medical examination institutions and found that the same inspection items were different in the test results of the inspection results. Industry insiders told reporters that most of the targets of medical examinations are between health and non -health. At present, the medical examination institution has not formed a mature expression system, so different physical examination institutions have different expressions.

As an example, the reporter found that the reporter found that a medical examination institution only had a simple four words “no abnormalities” in the physical examination report, while the report of another physical examination agency was marked with heart rate several times, rhythm, and heart -minded heart rates, heart rhythm, and heart. Low boundary, the auspicious area of ​​the heart sounds, and the pathological murmur.

The reference scope “respectively”

Mr. Yang, a medical examination, encountered such a thing. Not long ago, he found that the blood sugar value in the blood biochemical test item was 17.1 during the physical examination, and the medical report was “high”. But a few days later, he went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that the blood sugar value was already very high, and severe cases needed hospitalization. “The medical examination center is too irresponsible. Fortunately, I went to the hospital to review it in time.” Mr. Yang was very dissatisfied.

In order to let everyone understand the most headache and the results of routine urine routine tests, several medical examination institutions have issued a normal reference range next to the inspection results. However, the reporter found that the scope of normal values ​​given by different medical examination institutions is inconsistent. For example, one red blood cells in the blood routine test project, the reference range given by a medical examination institution is “3.5-5.5”, and the other gives the reference scope of “3.500-5.790”; and another hemoglobin item, a medical examination institution The reference scope given is “110-160”, and the other is “110-170”; in the red blood cell ratio project, one gives “37-50” and the other is “35-51”.

After the inspection, consult “Suddenly Poor Love”

Not long ago, after Miss Tang had a B -ultrasound, the medical examination report wrote: Labor hyperplasia, but the medical examination doctor did not explain it for her. Ms. Tang had heard that Xiaoye hyperplasia would be converted into breast cancer, so she was difficult to sleep. It wasn’t until she went to the hospital for treatment, and the doctor told her that the incidence of Xiaoye hyperplasia was very high, but only 2 % to 3 % would turn cancer before she was relieved.

Miss Tang’s encounter is not an individual phenomenon. According to information, most of the current medical examinations have only reports, but not inquiries after no inspection, and no detailed interpretation and suggestions. The so -called one -on -one “expert face -to -face consultation” is a privilege that can only be enjoyed in high -end physical examinations of more than 2,000 yuan in most medical examination centers. As for economic affordable mid -to -low -end inspections, there are no suggestions for reporting.

<!-1958: Physical examination terminal page

“In fact, each medical examination institution wants to make the interpretation of the physical examination report well, but it seems that it is very difficult.” The doctors are busy at work and the pressure of physical examinations. It is difficult to have enough energy and time to perform effective and face -to -face health education for the medical examination. “On the other hand, it is necessary to consult post -inspection from the perspective of health management, but now most of the medical examination institutions are still in the medical examination stage. Therefore, as long as the medical examination report is issued, the task of the medical examination institution is completed, so the lack of inspection consultation consultation This important link. “

(Intern editor: Li Xing)

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