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The men’s private parts must ventilate and cool down

In the scorching sun, men will always do enough effort in heatstroke and cooling, but they all ignore a little: “ventilation and cooling” for the crotch! Sitting for a long time and wearing fashion tight pants often make the scrotum hot and unbearable. Such consequences will Often it is to induce various scrotal dermatitis — it is troubled by sticky, greasy and itching all day long, coupled with the unpleasant smell, and the chic man can not be refreshing at this time.

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Drive “driving” scrotal rash

Mr. Lin, 32, is a long -distance truck driver. After a batch of goods shipped from Guangzhou to Hunan last week, Mr. Lin felt itchy. When taking a bath, Mr. Wang found that his scrotum chief had many groups of rash. He was shocked, thinking that he would not get a sexually transmitted disease? Because he was afraid of being misunderstood and jokes, Mr. Lin did not run to the hospital until he was so itchy. Disease -scrotal eczema, the culprit is driving for a long time, and the temperature of the crotch is too high.

Refusing the scrotum wet itching “5 Don’t”

1. Do not stay in a high temperature environment for too long, refuse to put your laptop on your knees, riding or driving for a long time, and sedentary, etc., which will cause the bad habits of the increase in scrotum temperature.

2. Do not wear chemical fiber underwear and tight jeans. It is best to wear cotton products and change them in time. After men go home, it is best to take off their pants and replace them with loose and breathable wide -foot pants to keep the local dry and cool. The scrotum is not humid, and inflammation such as foreskin balanitis and prostatitis naturally violates less.

3. Don’t rest on your stomach to avoid squeezing the scrotum. If the conditions are allowed to sleep naked.

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4. Do not scratch and hot wash during the treatment of scrotal eczema, especially do not wash with soapy water.

5. Try not to eat spicy foods, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and keep a balanced diet.

(Intern editor: Chen Zhanli)

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