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The men’s rabies had a three -shot vaccine in injection before dying. Why is they still gone?

Wang Jun (a pseudonym) did not think of it anyway, and he lost his life just after being bitten by a dog.

One night half a month ago, Wang Jun, who was in the company, just walked downstairs in the company and was running on the face of a stray dog. He just wanted to avoid it, but this stray rushed up and bite.His legs.Wang Jun threw the dog away, and kicked the dog away and began to view his wound.

At first glance, the wound was bleeding, and Wang Jun quickly took a taxi to the hospital to inject rabies vaccine.Subsequently, according to the doctor’s instructions, Wang Jun had a three -shot rabies vaccine.

I thought that there was nothing to do with this. After a period of time, Wang Jun began to feel a numbness in his left leg, the hind spine continued to sore, and the symptoms of frequent urination and urgency also appeared.

At the beginning, Wang Jun did not expect to be related to being bitten by a dog. He went to the hospital to see orthopedics and urology, and took the medicine prescribed by the doctor, but the situation did not improve. In a few days, his legs could not walk.Difficulty in action.

Subsequently, Wang Jun went to the hospital again and was finally diagnosed with rabies.Two days later, Wang Jun’s condition worsened, the rescue was invalid, and eventually died of respiratory failure caused by rabies.

Wang Jun’s wife collapsed very much. Why did he get so many rabies vaccines?

The men's rabies had a three -shot vaccine in injection before dying. Why is they still gone?

First, the death rate is 100%, how fierce is the rabies virus?

The death rate of different infectious diseases is different, the flu is about 0.1%, the SARS is 10%, the heavy ceiling is 25%, and Ebola is 50%-90%… Is there a nearly 100%infectious disease?have!It is rabies!

Rabies is an acute infectious disease caused by rabies virus invading the central nervous system. It belongs to a fatal disease commonly suffered from human beasts, and the death rate is almost 100%.

So how do rabies cause death?

First of all, the rabies virus invades the human body through the wound, proliferates in the muscles near the wound, and then the virus will be transferred to the ganglia and moves to the spinal cord.Slowly, the virus will be transferred to the brain tissue and finally invades the whole body tissue, causing patients to die.

The men's rabies had a three -shot vaccine in injection before dying. Why is they still gone?

It should be noted that although it is called “rabies disease”, the source of infection is not just dogs, cats, pigs, horses and other warm blood animals, as well as wild animals with rabies viruses such as wolves, foxes, raccoons, bats, etc. are all infectious sources.

From infection to symptoms, it usually takes 1-3 months, and there are two main manifestations:

One kind of non-specific performance, such as low fever and weakness, and weakness, which lasts about 2-10 days.

One is specific performance, divided into mania and paralysis. The mania is mainly manifested as abnormal excitement, fear of water, fear of wind, vomiting, sweating, accelerated heart rate, and increased blood pressure; paralysis is mainly manifested as limbs weakness, paralysis, paralysis, paralysis, Muscle Paralysis, Out of Sound, etc.

The men's rabies had a three -shot vaccine in injection before dying. Why is they still gone?

Second, why do you have a vaccine, and rabies will develop?

The mortality rate of rabies is extremely high and there is no treatment method. The only safe and effective method is to vaccinate rabies vaccines before the onset. Why do some people obviously have vaccines?Is it a “fake vaccine”?

In this regard, Li Yanping, director of the second department of the Eighth Hospital of Xi’an, explained that even if the vaccine was injected in time, it was not possible to guarantee 100 % non -infected rabies.For example, the following 4 cases may occur:

The bite is too serious, the wound is too deep, and it is not thorough enough when dealing with the wound;

The number of rabies virus in stray dogs has a large number of rabies and strong diseases;

The rabies virus spreads too fast, and it has spread before the vaccine injection;

It takes some time to produce antibodies after injection, and the rabies virus has begun to spread before that.

The men's rabies had a three -shot vaccine in injection before dying. Why is they still gone?

Nonetheless, vaccination is still the most effective means to prevent rabies. Don’t hear that some people feel that the vaccine is useless if some people have rabies vaccine or rabies.

Related data show that the risk of rabies after being bitten by a sick dog is 15%, but if the wound and vaccination are properly treated in time, the risk of disease can be reduced to 1%.

The men's rabies had a three -shot vaccine in injection before dying. Why is they still gone?

Third, keep in mind 3 o’clock, or 100%prevent rabies disease

Li Xingwang, director of the Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Beijing Diquan Hospital, said that the main cause of rabies disease is that the wound was not properly treated and vaccinated in time after being bitten by a dog.

After being bitten by an animal that may carry rabies virus, what is the correct treatment method?First of all, we must understand the exposure of the wound, and then choose the processing method.

First -level exposure: that is, touching or feeding animals, the skin licked by animals is complete -there is no need to take any preventive measures;

Second -level exposure: naked skin is bitten, or slightly scratching or scratching, but no bleeding -it can be treated with local wounds, and then vaccinated as soon as possible.

Third -level exposure: one or more skin bite or scratch, the skin part of the animals is damaged, or the mucosa at the animal licking is contaminated by saliva, and contacting batsLocal treatment, rabies immunoglobulin should be injected outside the rabies vaccine.

The men's rabies had a three -shot vaccine in injection before dying. Why is they still gone?

It should be noted that when rabies are exposed to clean up the wound, it is not necessary to rush it with water.

First, the rinse time requires a minimum of 15 minutes. You can rinse with flowing water for 5 minutes first, and then wash it with soapy water. Be careful not to squeeze to the wound;

Second, disinfect with iodophor or alcohol;

Third, if the wound is deeper and the blood vessels and nerves have been injured, you can use a clean towel to compress the wound to stop bleeding, and then hurry to go to the hospital.

In fact, rabies are not far from us.Those who raise dogs and cats must go to the relevant departments to register for pets in accordance with regulations, and take them to vaccination regularly. This is one of the key measures to prevent rabies.When you are accidentally caught and bitten by animals such as cats and dogs, you must also learn to deal with it correctly. If necessary, vaccination in time can be reduced in order to reduce the chance of rabies.Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable once rabies occur.


The men's rabies had a three -shot vaccine in injection before dying. Why is they still gone?

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