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The new crown may cause diarrhea. What kind of medicine should I prepare in advance?

Recently, with the national optimization and adjustment of the prevention and control of the epidemic, in many places, the phenomenon of non -prescription drugs such as anti -heating, cough, antiviral drugs such as anti -heating, cough, and antivirals appeared in many places.In order to effectively respond to the needs of the home treatment of the new crown infection, the State Council has formulated the “Guidelines for Home Treatment of the New Crown Virus infection”, which is based on the fever, dry throat, cough, sputum, dry cough, nasal congestion, nasal congestion, nausea/ nausea/Symptoms such as vomiting publish a reference form for common medication at home.The State Health and Health Commission also requires medical institutions at or above the county level to strengthen the preparation of new crown treatment of related drugs to meet the needs of patients.

After infection with the new coronal virus, the symptoms of the respiratory tract are the main symptoms, but 19.4%of the patient’s first symptoms are diarrhea. Nearly 40%of patients have diarrhea related to the new coronary virus.God, and these diarrhea patients also contain a large number of viruses, which will increase the risk of new crown transmission.

Related studies have proved that Mengli can absorb new coronal viruses, inhibit the interaction of virus and intestinal cells, reduce the inflammatory response after infection with new crowns, and has a good prospect for the treatment of new crown -related diarrhea.In 2020, the “Consensus Expert of the Diagnosis and Treatment of the New Coronatte Pneumonic Pneumonia” also pointed out that COVID-19 related diarrhea is currently “symptomatic treatment.Spasm. “

The main ingredients are Montelsmisite, which is commonly used clinically to treat non -prescription medicines for adults and children’s urgency and chronic diarrhea.In the emergency command document of the new crown epidemic prevention and control work in Fuzhou and other cities, Mongolian Shishisan was also selected as the recommendation directory of new crown pneumonia.At present, Yixintang Great Health, Jingdong Health, and National Pharmacy Pharmacy and other major pharmacies in major chain drug stores launched by major chain pharmacies in the normal prevention and control family protective packages of diarrhea, derived from the diarrhea symptoms.The designated brands in the Standing Drug List have been welcomed and prioritized by consumers to choose to buy, which continues to be tight in the market.

Mild and acute diarrhea will cause a series of water, electrolyte disorders and acid -base balance disorders to appear in the body. You can use Smecta? Quickly stop diarrhea, protect gastrointestinal mucosa, good safety, and at the same time oral salt prevention and treatmentDehydration.Medium or long -term diarrhea will take away a large amount of water and electrolytes in the human body, leading to malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, anemia, and body resistance decreased. Harm cannot be ignored. It is necessary to go to the hospital for correct diagnosis and treatment in time.


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