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The new mother found that the baby is like “Golden Pupil Five Brother”

The new mother, Ms. Li, took a confinement of the Mid -Autumn Festival and brushed the thermal drama “Yanxi Raiders” at home. I accidentally found that her baby was similar to the five brothers in the drama. No big hindrance. The reporter learned from Wuhan Children’s Hospital that the hospital has more than 70 children with jaundice every day, and 80 % of parents are not clear about pathological and physiological jaundice, which is easy to misunderstand the condition.

Ms. Li in Wuchang District was 27 years old and gave birth to her daughter Lily (a pseudonym) half a month ago. On September 22, Ms. Li lay on the bed to brush the drama “Yanxi Raiders” to dispel time. When she saw that Wu Ge was almost buried by the noble concubine because of his natural “golden pupil”, and then looked up at the baby around him, he suddenly found that it was amazing to Wu Ge’s skin color. There are also few, always crying. “Shouldn’t it get pathological jaundice?”

The more I wanted to be scared, the more I came to Wuhan Children’s Hospital. Zeng Lingkong, chief physician of the neonatal medicine department of the hospital, carefully checked and found that the child’s bilirubin was rising and the liver function was abnormal. It was indeed suffering from pathological jaundice. After a few days of treatment, the child’s condition has improved significantly, and you can recover home for a few days.

The Lele (pseudonym) of Xiaogan Daomin is not so lucky. It didn’t take long for Lele to become Little Huang people. Parents insisted on returning home according to the earthwork, bathing the child with Chinese potion, and feeding the child’s secret recipe for “removing yellow”. Huang’s, the family took it to the hospital again. Due to the increase in bilirubin in the child and abnormal liver function, he had to immediately transfer to Wuhan Children’s Hospital for further treatment.

After inspection, the five -day big music is not optimistic, and blood changes need to be performed. Otherwise, once bilirubin enters the brain, it will cause bilirubin encephalopathy, which will seriously affect the child’s intelligence and destroy the child’s life. Fortunately, after nearly half a month of treatment, the child’s condition was finally stable and had been discharged smoothly.

Zeng Lingkong, chief physician of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, introduced that there are many factors that have caused neonatal jaundice. They are mainly divided into two types: physiological jaundice and pathological jaundice. “Under normal circumstances, non -medical parents are divided into pathological and physiological jaundice. When the condition is severe, the doctor will often cause serious damage.”

It is understood that the hospital has an average of more than 70 children with jaundice per day, of which more than 50 pathological jaundice will be visited by more than 20 per month. pity. He reminded that neonatal jaundice is physiological or pathological. Professional examinations can be identified. Parents should be visited as soon as possible if they find that their children are not adapted to the first time, so as not to cause serious problems due to delay.


Physiological jaundice vs pathological jaundice

Zeng Lingkong said that the child’s face and upper body of normal physiological jaundice are pale yellow, and the body temperature, appetite, and urination of the baby are normal. If you exceed this time, you must consider pathological possibilities.

Newborns have different mental reactions, poor appetite, weightlessness, and abdominal distension. The jaundice spreads to the knee joint, which is also the main feature of pathological jaundice. In addition, after the retreat of physiological jaundice, it is even more alert to pathological jaundice.

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