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The new pattern of new medical reform medical market is being formed

2010 is the second year of the new medical reform. It is a year of transition and a key year. Various policies have been introduced densely.Continuously invested a lot of resources; private hospitals ushered in the spring of policies, the policy barriers were broken, and a large number of social capital participated in the fierce medical market competition; large public hospitals carried out a hot reform reform, canceled drug bonuses, tried compensation mechanisms, and trial compensation mechanisms, and trial compensation mechanisms, and trial compensation mechanisms.Cracking the problem of excessive concentration of medical resources … The medical industry has risen, and consumers have entered a period of choice.The reasonable choice of medical consumption has become a problem that consumers must face after medical reform.

The impact of medical reforms will be completed in advance

According to the implementation plan issued by the State Council in April 2009, governments at all levels in my country will invest 850 billion yuan in the three years from 2009 to 2011, of which the central government will invest 331.8 billion yuan. At the same time, the new medical reform has been determined Five major tasks.The long -awaited new medical reform in the industry will officially shift from the long -term heated discussions stage to the practical stage.The injection of such a large amount of funds will detonate a new round of well -spraying growth in the medical service market.

The new pattern of new medical reform medical market is being formed

In the past two years, the new medical reform has had a huge impact.

In terms of medical insurance, basic medical insurance tasks are completed in advance.The reimbursement ratio of urban residents’ medical insurance and new rural cooperation can basically reach 60%.The fundraising standards of Xinnonghe and urban residents’ medical insurance have been raised to 150 yuan per person per year, and the subsidy standards of governments at all levels are increased to 120 yuan per person per year.As of the end of October, the number of medical insurance for urban employees and urban residents increased to 424 million.The participation rate of Xinnong continued to stabilize more than 90%, and the number of participants reached 835 million.This plays a certain positive role in alleviating the preciousness.

In terms of basic drugs, the price of basic drugs has decreased by about 30%.Zhu Zhixin, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, summarized the progress of medical reform in basic medicine: “The basic drug system was implemented in August last year. Until now, more than 50%of the government -run grass -roots medical and health institutions in the country have implemented the basic drug system.One of the biggest features is the implementation of zero -difference rate sales. According to our preliminary statistics, the price of basic drugs has fallen by about 30%. “The gradual implementation of the new version of the national medical insurance drug catalog and the national basic drug system ensures that the full amount of basic drugs and reasonable supply and reasonable reason for reasonableuse.

However, it is still necessary to see the existence of the problem: there are still nearly half of the task of the national basic drug system, and the construction of the grass -roots medical and health service system is still “weak”. It is necessary to promote the gradualization of basic public health services.It also needs to be promoted in an orderly manner.

The medical service market pattern changes the primary medical care or the main force

The initial results of medical reforms are accompanied by changes in the medical service market pattern.Grassroots hospitals have developed vigorously, reforms in large public hospitals, swelling of private hospitals, introduction of foreign hospitals, and changes in the medical industry structure have begun to rise.

The new medical reform policy requires the central government to invest a lot of resources in the construction of the grassroots health service system.For example, the government will strengthen the infrastructure construction of grass -roots medical institutions such as county hospitals, township hospitals, and community health service institutions, support the improvement of medical equipment of grass -roots health service institutions, improve the treatment of grass -roots medical staff, strengthen the construction of grassroots medical and health teams, especially accelerate the cultivation of trainingGeneral doctors, promote active services, on -site services, etc.If the policy can really be implemented, the six -in -one health care model is successfully established, the function of health gatekeepers is in place, and the improvement of the medical insurance system, public health services are gradually equal, and grass -roots medical services will become the main force of the medical industry.

Contrary to grassroots medical institutions, the status of large public hospitals will be weakened.The new medical reform plan from 2009 to 2011 involves the reform of the management system, operating mechanism and regulatory mechanism of reforming public hospitals, and promoting the reform of the compensation mechanism of public hospitals.In addition to service charges and fiscal subsidies: vacancies formed due to the cancellation of drug bonuses will be shared by fiscal subsidies and service charges.If the drug bonus system that the hospital lives is canceled, the compensation mechanism cannot play an active role, the development of public hospitals will be blocked.

Under the influence of the favorable medical reform policies of private hospitals and foreign hospitals, private hospitals and foreign -funded hospitals will usher in further development opportunities.On December 3, 2010, the General Office of the State Council forwarded the “Notice on Further Encouraging and Guiding the Opinions of Medical Institutions for Social Capital” by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Health and other departments, which will relax the admission to social capital to do medical medical treatment and eligible private private private privately.Hospitals can enter the scope of medical insurance to enjoy the same tax and price policies as public medical institutions.In addition, foreign capital can also open a hospital.The introduction of this policy means that private hospitals will enjoy a more fair market environment and policy treatment and optimistic development prospects.

The medical reform fierce medicine prompts the change of the medical service market to change, and a reasonable and scientific medical and health network system will be established; however, this series of policies are still in the market running period, and the final pattern of medical treatment has not yet formed.

Medical consumption choice to enter the confused period reasonable consumption musts authoritative guidelines

Diversified medical treatment, various capital injection of the medical market, coupled with consumer knowledge of medical professional knowledge, and serious factors for medical information in my country. Consumers’ medical choices are almost blind.Reasonable choice of medical consumption is a big problem that consumption is currently facing.With the market structure of medical institutions, medical consumption demand has also changed accordingly: small diseases enter the community, major illnesses enter the hospital, and different levels of hospitals with different levels of consumption level and consumer demand enjoy different medical services.Accurate consumption positioning can undoubtedly promote medical resources reasonably.

In order to allow consumers to get an authoritative health guidance and improve the efficiency and quality of public medical treatment, 39 Health Network has launched the 2010 China Health Annual Evaluation List, combing an open and transparent medical service market for the public, and choosing reasonable medical consumption for consumersProvide authoritative reference.The release of the award list will definitely become an authoritative “medical consumption guide”.

(Editor in charge: Yao Qing)

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