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The number of hepatitis C infections in China is approaching 10 million, experts: ordinary people are also needed to screen

According to the “2017 Global Hepatitis Report” released by WHO, about 71 million people in the world infected with hepatitis C virus, while the number of Chinese hepatitis C virus infection was nearly 10 million. This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology awarded three scientists who made outstanding contributions to the diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C, and pushed hepatitis C to the public.

At the training conference of “eliminating hepatitis C and blame” nationwide nationwide, the experts said in an interview with 39 health interviews that there are fewer patients who can take the initiative to screen and treat the hospital due to the hidden symptoms of the hepatitis C disease. As everyone knows, with the progress of the disease, hepatitis C will develop into liver cirrhosis, liver failure, and even liver cancer, which will cause huge economic burden on family, society and the country.

The drug can be greatly improved.

Hepatitis C is a chronic disease that can be cured. The price of hepatitis C in my country CC Virus drugs has dropped sharply after negotiations by medical insurance.

“The 12 -week treatment of hepatitis C genes 1B of drugs is about 6,000 yuan; other non -1B drugs, a course of treatment of more than 3,000 yuan for 3 months.” The professor said that compared with the previous, hepatitis C drugs have greatly improved.

Through negotiations, the price of imported DAA drugs (direct antiviral molecular drugs) imported DAA drugs has been greatly reduced, reducing more than 85%, so that patients can not only buy medicines, but also afford it. There are also some local medical insurance policies that can cover most of the cost of hepatitis C, which is conducive to increasing the treatment rate of hepatitis C.

However, some irregular diagnosis and treatment behaviors have improved. “Other outpatient doctors will also prescribe the treatment of hepatitis C for patients,” but Huang Chenghui suggested that it is more reliable to find a specialist. “In our hospital, only doctors in the Department of Liver Diseases and Infectious Department have the prescription of hepatitis C drugs. When diagnosed with hepatitis C patients, they should be referred to the specialty for further evaluation and treatment. “

Professor Zhang Xiaohong, deputy director and chief physician of the third hospital affiliated to Sun Yat -sen University, also felt the same. In some areas of Guangdong, the standardized diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C was not strictly promoted, and hepatitis C knowledge was insufficient.

“At present, there are indeed many departmental diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C. In addition to the Department of Liver Diseases and Infection Department, the Department of Gastroenterology, ENT, and Obstetrics and Gynecology also prescribe medicines for hepatitis C. The prescription prescribed by a specialist. “She believes that the treatment of hepatitis C should be registered with the Department of infection and liver disease, for standardized diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, there are some patients who buy cheaper Indian generic drugs. The source of the drug is unknown. In fact, there is a large number of hidden dangers of drug use. She emphasized that “the legal drugs that are officially approved now are very high, and most of the patients can afford it. They still hope that patients can take a regular way to obtain drugs.”

Regarding the treatment of drugs, Zhang Xiaohong reminded patients to get out of this misunderstanding: Most patients need to take 12 weeks, but after 12 weeks of medicine, the virus cannot be detected, and it cannot be called cure.

Because the criteria for cure depends on the response of persistent virus, that is, after ending the drug treatment, it will be tested for 12 weeks. At this time, the hepatitis C virus nucleic acid is still not found in the blood. It is equivalent to completely removing hepatitis C virus.

The number of antibody detection positive patients has increased year by year. It is recommended to include hepatitis C in a conventional medical examination

WHO proposes the goal of eliminating public health threats brought about by viral hepatitis, including hepatitis C by 2030. At present, my country’s hepatitis C prevention and control work still faces two major challenges: first, the diagnosis rate is low, from 2003 to 2019 diagnosed about 2.52 million hepatitis C infections, diagnostic patients were only 25%of the total infection; second, the treatment rate of treatment rate Low, as of 2017, only 6.71%of patients in my country received hepatitis C treatment.

According to reports, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Beijing, Jilin, Henan, Anhui, Shandong, Hubei, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Gansu, Shaanxi, Hunan, Guangdong, and Guangxi are the provinces and cities with high chronic liver disease in my country. The national national hepatitis C standardized diagnosis and treatment projects initiated by the China Hepatitis Corporation is expected to cover these high incidence areas.

The hepatitis C screening carried out in recent years takes Zhongshan Third Hospital as an example. The number of antibodies detected positive people has increased year by year. In 2018, the hospital screened more than 700 antibodies positive, and by 2019, more than 900 positive patients were found.

Zhang Xiaohong told 39 Health. The standardized diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C is well popularized in first -tier cities such as Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai. Pushing to the grassroots.

Professor Zhang Qianhua, chief physician of Zhongshan Second People’s Hospital, introduced that in the past few years, Zhongshan used Zhongshan Second People’s Hospital as a designated hospital for hepatitis C Medical Insurance. All patients diagnosed with hepatitis C can apply for special diseases in designated hospitals, so patients will consciously refer it here and treat them in accordance with the latest guidelines.

With the arrival of the DAA era, medical insurance has also covered both genomey DAA drugs other than type 1 and 1. There is a free medical examination every year in Zhongshan’s household registration population. She revealed that in order to promote the screening of ordinary people, she is currently trying to try to add screening to free medical examination items.

Three experts remind that there are blood transfusion, use of blood products, preparing to do damage diagnosis and treatment operations (do endoscopy, ear piercing, other surgery), and other surgery, and as well asHCV -positive mothers give birth to high -risk groups of hepatitis C for unknown transaminase, which are unknown.However, during the annual physical examination of ordinary people, in addition to checking the two pairs of liver B, it is best to voluntarily screen hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C currently does not have preventive vaccines. The best prevention method is to control the source of infection.If a case of hepatitis C infection is found, a patient is cured, which is to reduce the source of infection.Moreover, the screening of hepatitis C is simple, and you can find a drop of blood with your fingers, and the cost is cheap. It is only 2030 yuan. Once you find the infection, it is a cure disease. Why not?

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